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Shed Builder Spotlight: Dakota Storage Buildings, LLC

by Parry Grimm, October 27, 2016

Shed Builder Spotlight: Dakota Storage Buildings, LLC

If you live in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota or Northwest Iowa and you’re in the market for an outdoor shed, you have probably come across Dakota Storage Buildings, LLC. The company is a premier regional shed builder and LP products are among its preferred building materials. Dakota Storage Buildings is located in Milbank, SD, just minutes west of the Minnesota border and a quick one-hour drive from North Dakota. The company was started by Ben Esh, who grew up in the shed industry after his dad started making sheds back in 1985. Ben was no stranger to entrepreneurship since he had started a company in North Carolina before he moved to South Dakota.

Premium Materials Matter

Using premium materials is a top priority for Dakota Storage Buildings. “Building with premium materials like those manufactured by LP increases our productivity,” explains general manager Lenny Stahl. “This increased productivity allows us to sell you a much higher quality building for a cost similar to our competitors.” “One of the reasons we like LP products is its paint adhesion. And because of LP’s engineered wood,” continues Stahl, “the products are very consistent and easy to work with. And we haven’t found a building products manufacturer as committed to the shed industry as LP. We really appreciate that.”

Featured Project: A Supersized Storage Barn

  Ringing in at a whopping 16 feet by 40 feet in size, this recently completed shed by Dakota Storage Buildings was made for the customer who needs a ton of storage space. A gambrel roof and double hinged doors give the building the look of a country barn, but this shed isn’t all work and no play. There’s a porch at the end, so its owners can relax at the end of a long day in the field. “All the exterior is LP products, minus the paint and shingles,” says Stahl. “LP materials will increase the lifespan of the shed and cut down on the maintenance needed to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come. It’s a win-win for our customer.”

Get Your Own Custom Outdoor Shed

To connect with Dakota Storage Buildings, visit their Facebook page or see their sheds in person at more than 20 display locations throughout South Dakota and Minnesota. Learn more about products from LP Outdoor Building Solutions® at www.LPShed.com.

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