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From Shed to Showstopper: Accents for Your Outdoor Shed

by AJ Keating, November 1, 2018

From Shed to Showstopper: Accents for Your Outdoor Shed

Our blog often features ideas to improve storage and make the most of the space inside a shed. However, the exterior appearance of your shed is important too, since a shed that is an eyesore can detract from property value. Here are some ideas that will help you enhance your shed and make it a welcome focal point in the backyard.

  • Keep up on maintenance. Routine maintenance will keep your shed looking attractive and also protect the items you’re storing inside. Inspect the roof, repair leaks, clean out gutters and practice proactive pest control to prevent problems before they start. A fresh coat of paint in a bright, bold color can also add great interest to your shed.
  • Add outdoor wall art. The sides of your shed don’t have to remain bare and void of personality. Dress them up with outdoor wall art or a vertical garden wall! Nature-themed metal wall art is a popular and durable choice, and a garden wall includes containers that can easily be used to grow herbs, flowers and more.
  • Add a pathway. A brick or stone pathway can be a simple way to bring order to an outdoor space. Install a path leading to the shed door so moving stored items in and out will be easy, and you won’t have to deal with mud and puddles when it rains.
  • Install lighting to spotlight the shed. Soft landscape lighting is an attractive way to incorporate your shed into the overall look of your backyard while increasing security. Use fixtures with lower-intensity bulbs placed at various angles and distances. Avoid using a single bright spotlight on the shed because this will create harsh shadows.

Products to Make Sheds Last

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