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Items You Shouldn’t Store in an Unheated Shed During Winter

by Trisha Diewald, January 7, 2016

Items You Shouldn’t Store in an Unheated Shed During Winter

At LP, we love to help people find outdoor solutions to meet their storage needs. A shed can become one of the most functional spaces on your property, with the potential to be a storage space, crafting area, workshop and more. But while we’re all about getting the most out of the space when you buy a shed, there are some things these areas aren’t suited for.
Here are some items that you shouldn’t store in an unheated shed:
  • Canned food. Stores of canned food should not be exposed to excessive temperatures. The freeze-thaw process can cause food to expand, breaking the seals on glass jars and popping the seams of metal cans. Broken seals make food unsafe to use. Canned goods with seals intact may still be used, but the quality might diminish.
  • Leather furniture. Leather is sensitive to wide swings in temperature, and freezing temperatures can cause the material to crack and deteriorate. Leather that is stored in an unheated area is also more susceptible to high moisture levels, which can discolor furniture pieces and permit the growth of mildew.
  • Paint. Paint cannot be stored in an unheated area or it will separate and become unusable when frozen. Leftover paint is best stored in a cool, dry basement. If this isn’t an option, look for another indoor space that is temperature-controlled with limited moisture. Before storing paint, be sure to mark each can with the color and the room it was used for.
  • Electronics. It’s generally not a good idea to expose electronics such as smartphones, tablets, televisions and laptops to freezing temperatures. In extreme cold (temperatures below 0°F), the liquid in the LCD (liquid crystal display) can actually freeze, causing permanent damage. Freezing temperatures can also prevent the hard disk drive in a laptop from functioning properly. If you accidentally leave your device in out in the cold, allow it to return to room temperature before powering it on.
  • Fabrics and paper products. When not stored in airtight containers, clothing, fabrics and paper goods can become a tempting nesting spot for mice and insects. Keep these items in a well-insulated attic instead of your shed.
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