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Securing Your Shed: 5 Ways to Stop Theft

by Parry Grimm, May 24, 2018

Securing Your Shed: 5 Ways to Stop Theft

Many homeowners neglect security for their sheds because they feel there’s not anything valuable inside. Other times they think that because a shed is located within a fenced area, it’s secure. The fact is an unsecured shed can attract thieves no matter where it’s located. Even worse, tools inside could be used to break into your home.

Don’t take chances with your property and your safety – follow these tips to ensure your shed is properly secured and protected.

  • Keep your shed maintained. Rotten boards, rotted window frames and loose hardware can’t provide adequate protection for the items stored in a shed. Inspect your shed annually and repair any structural problems. If you choose to build a new shed, select products that resist termites and fungal decay, such as engineered wood products from LP.
  • Keep it locked. This is an obvious prevention tool that, unfortunately, is often forgotten. A locked shed is the first line of defense against theft. Keep your shed locked when not in use. Ensure that you use a strong padlock, and that the hardware surrounding the lock is sturdy and can’t be easily pried off.
  • Cover windows. Burglars will decide if a shed is worth breaking into by looking in the windows to view the contents. If your shed has windows, use privacy-control window film or a glass frosting spray to obscure them. If you prefer to have a view while working in your shed, add blinds or curtains that can be closed when the shed is not in use.
  • Improve lighting. If your shed is located in a dimly-lit corner of your yard, this can encourage thieves to make it a target. Install motion sensor lights to deter unwelcome visitors. Sensor lights can also provide adequate lighting should you need to access your shed at night.
  • Install sensors. If your shed houses expensive items such as vehicles, mowers, bikes and sports gear, you may want to install an alarm. If you do not have a monitored home security system, consider adding a wireless sensor system to your shed. Once a sensor is tripped, your cell phone is immediately sent a notification. Some systems will also notify the local police department.

While there is no such thing as a theft-proof shed, with these common-sense precautions, you can improve shed security and the security of your home as well. For more tips on caring for your shed, visit the LP Outdoor Building Solutions blog.

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