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Simple Ways to Cool Down a Hot Garage or Shed

by Trisha Diewald, August 4, 2017

Simple Ways to Cool Down a Hot Garage or Shed

Don’t let the heat keep you from getting the most out of your garage or shed! There are many practical ways to keep garages and outdoor storage sheds comfortable. Keeping the temperature levels down not only makes using these spaces more pleasant, it can also help to prevent problems such as rusted tools and warped lumber. Increase ventilation. During the summer months, increasing airflow in the garage or shed is the first step to a cooler space. This can be achieved by opening the garage door about a foot, or fully opening the shed door and turning on a fan or two to circulate air. Installing vents on the roof or gable wall will allow hot air to escape from the attic or upper level. Adding a powered exhaust fan will accelerate the cooling process. Add insulation. Adding insulation in walls and ceilings is an important step to stave off summer heat and also keep out winter cold. Install radiant barrier. LP manufactures shed roofing and wall panels with SilverTech® finish to help reduce the sun’s energy radiating through the panels. It’s an ideal choice to keep the interior of sheds and workshops cooler. Seal gaps with weatherstripping. If your shed has air conditioning, applying caulk and weatherstripping is one of the simplest, most cost-effective methods to help keep temperatures more comfortable and your energy bills lower. Sealing gaps around windows, doors and other openings will keep hot air out and cool air in. Install an awning. Installing awnings over doors and windows can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 77% on west-facing windows and 65% on south-facing windows. Retract the awnings in the winter to prolong the life of the awning fabric and let in warm sunlight for passive heating.

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