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Builders, How to Help Your Company ‘Go Green’

by Karen Alves, December 13, 2018

Builders, How to Help Your Company ‘Go Green’

There’s no doubt the sustainable building materials market is booming, thanks to technological advances that have facilitated a rise in demand for sustainable materials. Over the past five years, sustainable building material manufacturing has grown by 10.5 percent in the U.S. to reach revenue of $68 billion as of 2018. During the same timeframe, the number of manufacturing businesses has grown by 20 percent.

Support Manufacturers That Achieve Sustainability

With stricter regulations and increased attention on green building practices, the path to sustainability starts with the manufacturer. If you’re a builder, know which companies have environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and express your support with your purchases. While manufacturers do face pressure from the industry, they always have an ear out for what their end customers want.

LP manufactures a wide variety of engineered wood building products for the residential and commercial construction industry, and is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices. For example, the forest resources LP relies on are managed sustainably and meet the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. Once logs arrive at an LP mill, there is no wood waste during the manufacturing process. The wood ends up in LP’s engineered wood building products, and a small amount is used for fuel in the manufacturing process. This process not only promotes conservation and sustainability, it also significantly reduces overall energy usage.

Learn more about LP’s environmental programs at www.LPCorp.com.

Examine Your Business Model

Consider how your overall business model affects the environment and contributes to the ecosystem. Do you utilize business practices that streamline individual efforts and conserve resources such as building materials and fuel? LP® SmartSide® siding comes in 16-foot planks that are lighter than fiber cement planks. . LP SmartSide is a must-have material to help builders qualify for green building programs.

Conserving resources can even be as simple as turning off unnecessary lights, insulating walls, and collecting empty cans and bottles at the office for recycling.

Educate Consumers on Product Durability

In addition to explaining the benefits of choosing materials manufactured with green processes, help homeowners consider the advantages of investing in quality, lasting goods. Environmentally-conscious consumers will be interested in products that offer long-term durability and versatility. Building materials with a longer life span are more cost-effective over the long haul. LP SmartSide products offer impressive impact and moisture resistance, thanks in part to industrial-grade adhesive resins and special water-resistant waxes which coat each strand or fiber of wood.

Learn More About LP® Products

With the growing interest in sustainability within the building industry and among homeowners, it’s important for builders to place emphasis on environmentally-sustainable materials such as those manufactured by LP. Learn more about LP SmartSide Trim and Siding or find a retailer near you.

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