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Contractors: Use the Go Figure™ iPad App for Increased Sales & Productivity

by Amy Lindholm, July 14, 2016

Contractors: Use the Go Figure™ iPad App for Increased Sales & Productivity

The future of siding estimating has arrived, and LP is ready to help contractors implement cutting-edge estimation technology into their business. LP now offers qualified contractors in the LP® BuildSmart™ Preferred Contractor Program free access to Go Figure™, a new app for iPads.  With the Go Figure app, the average siding estimate process can be reduced from 1.5 hours to 20-30 minutes.

Quick & Accurate Estimates

Go Figure is an innovative tool that allows contractors and estimators to quickly and accurately create siding estimates for clients using photos and an iPad. Simply take a photo of a client’s house from any angle, trace the areas you need to measure on the touchscreen, and Go Figure will instantly generate accurate measurements for siding panels, soffit panels and more. It also will create easy-to-use stock lists, estimates and invoices, all on-site. With this app, you can take the guesswork out of pricing and running projects.

“Go Figure is a simple way for contractors to turn around bids quickly, pursue more jobs and increase their close rate,” said Amy Lindholm, Brand Manager, LP SmartSide® Trim & Siding. “You can track projects from start to completion, all from within one, easy-to-use app.”

Integration with LP® SmartSide® Products

Because the LP SmartSide product catalog is on the Go Figure app, contractors can plug in LP siding products, set their own pricing and adjust pricing on-site. The app can also be used for other exterior surfaces, such as roofs, windows and gables.

“Contractors are telling us the Go Figure app has been a tremendous investment for their business,” said Lindholm. “We’re pleased the alliance between LP SmartSide Trim & Siding and Go Figure allows our contractors to make more money and enjoy more free time as they install our premium engineered wood siding.”

Find Out More

Go Figure and related apps can be downloaded from the App Store. For more information about the app, visit www.gofigureapp.net. For more information about joining the LP BuildSmart Preferred Contractor Program, visit www.LPBuildSmart.com.

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