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Head Back to School with LP’s Contractor College

by Amy Lindholm, March 2, 2017

Head Back to School with LP’s Contractor College

Would you give up a few hours of your time in exchange for knowledge that will get you more customers? That’s what LP’s Contractor College is all about! Results from the most recent Contractor College surveys indicate that 100% of contractors who completed the course believed it was valuable to their business.

What is Contractor College?

Contractor College is a business marketing course sponsored by LP. It is specially designed for small to medium-sized builders and remodelers who install LP® SmartSide® engineered wood siding options. Contractors learn how to use their unique competitive advantage to market their business, increase profitability and attract more customers.

What You’ll Learn

During a Contractor College session, participants will cover four key learning areas.

  • Section 1: Competitive Advantage for Contractors
    A competitive advantage gives a company the unique edge over its rivals and an ability to generate greater sales, value and profits for the company. It is what sets you apart. We’ll help you identify your unique advantage and show you how to use that competitive advantage to market your business, increase your profitability and capture more customers.
  • Section 2: Is Your Website Helping or Hurting?
    Your website will be the first impression someone has of your company. Does it reflect the quality of your work and the customer experience you provide? A website can generate leads, communicate your competitive advantage and walk a potential client through your process. We will show examples of different builder websites and explain how you can turn your website into an effective sales tool for your business.
  • Section 3: How Do You Improve Your Search Results Online?
    Do you know the difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why it is so important to a contractor’s business? Not all digital marketing is effective for builders and if it is done without a strategy, it can be a waste of money. We will show you ways to boost your web traffic and some things to avoid in the digital world.
  • Section 4: How to Gain More Customer Referrals
    It is common knowledge that the key to customer referrals is happy customers, however, the process and the opportunities necessary to impact the customer are often overlooked. We know that 72% of the business for commercial and residential customers comes from referrals. This means that a substantial portion of your marketing efforts should be focused on this segment. We will show you how to make this your most cost-effective marketing tool for lead generation.

“The presentation was well done and entertaining. It’s always helpful to learn current organic SEO measures and techniques to boost page hits. This was the first time I fully grasped the power of linking and re-linking sites, and have since began using our Facebook account more frequently as a first step to boost current content, and boost our sites possible recognition. The information I learned was valuable and well worth my time. Thank you!”

– Joshua Dubach, The ReDevelopment Group Inc.

How to Enroll

If you are interested, please reach out to your local LP sales representative to find out the date and location of the next Contractor College session, or ask your local dealer or distributor to host a session! For more information about using LP SmartSide products and to explore siding design ideas, visit www.LPSmartSide.com.

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