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HR Advice for Builders of All Sizes

by Karen Alves, October 4, 2018

HR Advice for Builders of All Sizes

In a construction company – where human capital is of utmost importance – the human resource team has some important roles to play including hiring, onboarding, training and more. Your hiring practices have a huge effect on the culture and environment of your workplace. So, what happens when you’re an SMB that may lack the resources for a robust HR program? Here are some ways to make up the difference.

  • Lead by example. It doesn’t cost anything for the owner of a company to be a good role model who listens to employees and subcontractors, and communicates often. This establishes a company culture that motivates workers and leads to higher productivity.
  • Provide recognition. Sadly, most employees do not receive recognition for their work or don’t receive enough of it. Make a concerted effort to offer genuine complements when deserved, but also create a structured way to recognize workers, such as employee of the month or employee of the quarter awards. Often recognition is more effective at motivating employees than money.
  • Offer the best possible employee benefits. To help you compete for talent in today’s job market, provide perks that your business can afford that are also valuable to your employees. Ideas include offering flexible working hours, occasional catered breakfasts or lunches, and employee discounts at various companies in your area such as dry cleaners or restaurants.
  • Allow employees time to give back to the community. A construction company is very dependent on the local community, which makes it doubly beneficial for your company to sponsor employee participation in volunteer activities. Besides just being the right thing to do, giving brings a positive energy to your culture and boosts morale. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and local construction mentorship programs are a great place to encourage employee involvement.
  • Offer industry training and resources. Increase engagement and reduce turnover by thoroughly training employees for their current jobs. Offer resources to prepare them for future skills and help them contribute to the overall efficiency of the team. This is the goal behind the LP SmartSide Online Training Program, which helps builders to prepare installers by giving them the information they need to install siding correctly.

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