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Where Should Your Company Recruit Workers?

by Amy Lindholm, May 21, 2018

Where Should Your Company Recruit Workers?

A 2017 survey found more than 80 percent of builders considered the cost and availability of skilled labor their #1 challenge, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Just a few short years earlier, in 2011, only 13 percent named labor costs as their biggest concern. With construction recruitment looking to be a long-term problem, many business owners in the industry are wondering just where to find the next generation of workers.

Where to Look

Where can the construction industry go to find candidates for field positions? A suggests a few options to pursue.

  • Word of mouth. Word of mouth is the most effective advertising channel for many construction companies – especially in rural and immigrant communities. Make sure your employees know which job interviewpositions you’re looking to fill, and provide a reward system for referrals.
  • High schools. This is a traditional source of workers, where participants in vo-tech programs are courted by construction firms. However, companies generally see a low return on investment with this recruiting method due to lack of interest among high school students.
  • Community colleges. Post-high school programs designed to provide vo-tech training produce graduates who are work-ready for a variety of trades in the construction industry.
  • Social media. Online job recruitment now means engaging with prospects on social media to form positive relationships and advertise job availability. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube can all be key channels to attract your newest hire.
  • Job fairs. Job fairs hosted by colleges, trade schools and high schools can all be used to introduce your company and its benefits to potential hires. Check out a national job fair directory or consult your local building contractors association for scheduled fairs in your area.

Be Transparent

To attract high-quality candidates that will be a good long-term investment for your company, you must be transparent about what a career in the construction industry will entail. Clearly explain the benefits as well as the drawbacks. There is no benefit in hiring someone only to have them become discouraged and quit because they didn’t understand the expectations of the position.

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