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How to Solicit an Estimate from a Siding Contractor

by Amy Lindholm, June 30, 2016

How to Solicit an Estimate from a Siding Contractor

The biggest decision you make before starting a siding project doesn’t involve color samples or choosing between vinyl, fiber cement or engineered wood siding; it’s the contractor you hire who can make or break the project! Soliciting and evaluating an estimate is an important part of hiring the best contractor for your needs. The process can be unfamiliar and confusing, but by following these guidelines, you’ll ensure you get an estimate that includes the full scope of work to be completed and enough information to fairly evaluate the contractor’s proposal.

Follow These Steps

  1. On-site visit. At a mutually convenient time, a contractor vying for your business should come to your home to learn about the work you want completed. Allow him time to inspect your home and take measurements that will help determine material costs. Ask questions, and note whether he is upfront and easy to communicate with.
  2. Written estimate. Once the siding contractor has gathered information about the scope of your project, he should then prepare a written proposal with itemized costs for the various elements of the job. This should also include the estimated completion time.
  3. Estimate review. The contractor should present the prepared estimate to you, along with current references and answers to any additional questions you have.

Once you have at least three bids for your siding project, it’s time to compare the estimates according to cost, references from past customers, the local reputation of the contractor and your personal impressions.

Get Started on Your Project

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