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[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® Lap Application Tips & Tricks

by Amy Lindholm, August 4, 2017

[VIDEO] LP® SmartSide® Lap Application Tips & Tricks

The beauty and versatility of LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding have made our products a top pick among contractors and homeowners alike. If you’re ready to give your project a signature look with lap siding, here’s an LP Quick Tip to jump-start your siding remodel.

Tips for Installing Lap Siding

When installing lap siding with the butt-to-trim method, you must install your corner trim first. Accounting for slope, find the end of the wall that is closest to the ground and place a mark on your trim six inches from the ground. Measure from the mark up to the , and make a note of it.

Next, go to the other corner of the wall and measure down from the soffit panel the same distance as the other side, then make a mark. Use these two lower reference marks on your trim to ensure your first course of siding is level with the building and not the ground around it.

If you are installing 8-inch LP SmartSide lap siding, make a mark every 6⅞ inches up to the corner board. Now you can install a 3/8 x 1½-inch starter strip of siding to give the first course the proper angle. Install each course following your pencil marks while checking for level along the way. Be sure to place nails ¾-inch from the top edge of the lap siding to help keep your siding tight to the wall.

Build With Us®

LP offers many ideas for siding design using LP SmartSide siding profiles to give your project exceptional curb appeal. For complete application instructions for LP products, visit www.LPSmartSide.com. Stay tuned for more Quick Tips Videos, coming soon!

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