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LP® SmartSide® Siding: Celebrating 20 Years of Workability

by Amy Lindholm, May 12, 2017

LP® SmartSide® Siding: Celebrating 20 Years of Workability

This year, LP and its hardworking team of employees are celebrating a major milestone in the company’s history: 20 years of LP® SmartSide® engineered wood products! Over the past two decades, the LP SmartSide brand has become one of the fastest-growing brands of siding materials in the U.S. That’s due in large part to the fact that builders and remodelers love the workability of LP SmartSide siding products.

What Builders & Remodelers Are Saying

“My framers love installing it because they are using the same tools that they’re framing the house with, to put the trim and siding up. The 16-foot lengths on the lap siding make it go up faster… The framers appreciate that they don’t have to cull through material to put the product up.” Pete Gray, Executive Homes

“LP SmartSide planks are lighter than fiber cement. They can be moved easily on the job site and because they won’t crack or break when carried, our crews really like working with the product. [In addition,] we find that paint sticks to LP SmartSide siding better than fiber cement.”Christine Hornik, Hornik Construction

“Engineered wood may be less expensive than fiber cement siding, and it’s much easier to install. Our crews love the long 16-foot lengths of the planks because this makes installation faster and simpler, with no special tools required. It may also result in fewer seams on the wall.”Mark Mortimer, Inside-Out Construction

“Our installers are comfortable with LP SmartSide siding because it’s easy to cut, there’s less waste (which is a win for everyone) and if there’s the need to paint any siding on-site, this product requires less paint than fiber cement.”Sonja Garnett, ABC Roofing Company

“Because it’s lighter and more durable, engineered wood siding doesn’t need two installers carrying delicate pieces from the truck to the house. This streamlines the required labor and could minimize the cost homeowners pay to upgrade their siding. Also, only a dedicated fiber cement saw blade can be used when cutting fiber cement siding, LP SmartSide siding only requires standard blades.”Ted Swanson, Trinity Exteriors

“Crews that experience the ease of installation [of LP SmartSide siding] often do not want to install anything else.” Greg Kapitan, Texas Home Exteriors

Build With Us®

Are you a remodeler or builder who would be interested in potentially saving time and money on future projects? Would you install a siding product that has the workability of wood siding and better durability? Learn more about LP SmartSide siding products, featuring a full line of lap siding, cedar texture shakess, fascia, trim and more. Call our Customer Care Center at (888) 820-0325 to schedule a product knowledge meeting with an LP representative.


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