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[VIDEO] On the Job with Danco Construction

by Amy Lindholm, October 20, 2016

[VIDEO] On the Job with Danco Construction

This “On the Job” segment features Danco Construction, a full-service commercial contractor based in Evansville, IN.

“As a designer, the quality of the products that I specify are very important,” says Gary Thomas, architect and Vice President of Danco Construction. “I never want to have a client come back later and have an issue with a building, whether it be an aesthetic issue, a durability issue or any other kind of problem.” As a result, Thomas and his team only specify products that they trust. At the top of that list are LP® SmartSide® exterior siding options.

A Product That Realizes Goals

Thomas explains that as an architect, his job is to help each client realize their goals. He evaluates what the client is trying to achieve in terms of durability, cost and aesthetic, then recommends the product that fits – and that product often carries the LP SmartSide label.

Thomas has specified LP SmartSide products for the last 10 years, and reports that both owners and contractors are highly satisfied with their performance. “It’s an affordable product that gives you a fantastic aesthetic and quality,” he says. “It has a warm, dynamic characteristic that I really enjoy as a designer. The owners like the end result, and the contractors like the products because they’re easy to install.”

He also notes the growing importance of green building and sustainable products in his industry. “We are moving toward buildings that are completely green, and LP is one of the companies leading the way.”

Understanding the Product

Thomas acknowledges the role that the LP team played in his decision to use LP SmartSide products in his clients’ projects. “Before you spec a product, you want to understand the product,” he says. “You want someone at the end of the line that can describe installation, warranty issues and things of that nature. I contacted LP and they were very cooperative. There is also a lot of data available online for designers and specifiers.”

Find Innovative Exterior Siding Options

LP SmartSide siding is available at retailers and dealers in your area. For more information and to explore siding design ideas for light commercial and residential projects, visit www.LPSmartSide.com.


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