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[VIDEO] On the Job with Woodtex

by Amy Lindholm, November 20, 2016

[VIDEO] On the Job with Woodtex

This “On the Job” segment features Woodtex, a nationwide manufacturer and retailer of storage sheds, garages and cabins based in Brentwood, TN.

Kent Lapp, CEO of Woodtex, acknowledges a recent explosion in the popularity of sheds across the country. “In the last couple of years, it has been interesting to see the shed industry hit the news. Man caves and she-sheds are coming out. People are using sheds for studios and those types of things,” says Lapp. He explains that the increased demand has encouraged Woodtex to place new emphasis on siding design and the materials it uses to side its sheds.

Why Woodtex Switched to LP® SmartSide® Products

Woodtex has been building sheds since 1983, and sheds remain its biggest seller. The sheds are built in one of the company’s shops, and then delivered to the customer fully assembled or in modules that are assembled on-site. Although Woodtex has been using LP products for some time, it recently switched to using LP® SmartSide® siding exclusively on all its storage sheds – a big decision for a company with four manufacturing plants in four states.

Lapp explains the reasons behind the switch in exterior siding options. “LP SmartSide siding has already been borate-treated for termites. In the South, that’s a big deal, and we use that as a selling point now.”

Another benefit for Woodtex is that engineered wood does not contain the knots and voids that are often found in a plywood-based product. “When our guys are putting LP SmartSide siding on in the shop, knowing that every piece is consistent and square and we don’t have to deal with knots and other fluctuations in the product, that’s a big deal to us.”

‘It Has to Look Good’

Today’s homeowners are after an attractive shed that will complement their property, which means the beautiful finish of LP SmartSide was another major factor in Woodtex’s decision to add this siding material to its manufacturing process. “It’s a great fit for Woodtex,” says Lapp. “The price is great, the quality is fantastic and the
customers are loving it.”

Explore Siding Design Ideas

LP SmartSide siding is available at retailers and dealers in your area. For more information and to explore siding design ideas for sheds and many other projects, visit www.LPSmartSide.com.

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