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Why You Can Believe in LP® SmartSide® Siding, Part 6: Sustainability

by Amy Lindholm, October 27, 2016

Why You Can Believe in LP® SmartSide® Siding, Part 6: Sustainability

At LP, we understand that sustainability is a significant concern for many builders, contractors and homeowners. Sustainability is a priority for us too, which is why we are committed to manufacturing siding options that minimize impact on our health and the environment for the entire life cycle of the material.

The growth and development of our communities has a large impact on our natural environment. Let’s take a look at the features that make LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding a smart choice for green building.

Naturally Sustainable Siding Options

The LP SmartSide manufacturing process begins with a renewable resource: wood.  All wood used is grown and gathered under strict Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) standards. To remain SFI-certified, all of our forest management and fiber sourcing programs must be managed for multiple environmental, social and economic values that will benefit our world now and into the future. We’re not just building for the future, we’re helping to protect it by actively investing in reforestation and the preservation of wildlife habitats.

We source fast-growing trees and use 99% of the log for either the product or for fuel to make it. Plus, all binding agents and resins used in LP engineered wood siding panel, lap, trim, etc., are low-emitting and safe for children and pets. You can be confident that LP products installed on a home or other structure are sourced and produced sustainably.

A Smart Choice for Our Planet

Many homeowners and building owners are demanding sustainable products that have minimal impact on our environment. LP SmartSide is a must-have material to help builders qualify for green building programs. Learn more about LP’s environmental programs at www.LPCorp.com.

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