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Why You Can Believe in LP® SmartSide® Siding: The Conclusion

by Amy Lindholm, December 29, 2016

Why You Can Believe in LP® SmartSide® Siding: The Conclusion

In past months, we have explored the various characteristics of LP® SmartSide® siding that have helped it become one of the fastest-growing brands of siding materials in the U.S. As we approach the 20th anniversary of the development of this innovative home improvement product, we are proud that LP stands as a building industry leader in a category that is shaping the way homes, outdoor building structures and light commercial properties are being built.

Let’s review each of the benefits of LP SmartSide trim and siding for new homes, remodeling, sheds and light commercial projects.

Reason #1: The Beautiful Finish

LP® SmartSide® products stand apart from other wood cladding with realistic, deep cedar-grain texture and defining shadow lines that create the look of real wood. And because LP SmartSide engineered wood siding is manufactured in 16-foot lengths – four feet longer than traditional fiber cement – it may result in fewer seams for faster installation and a more attractive exterior.

Reason #2: Durability

Thanks to LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® process, SmartSide products are tough enough to withstand decades of extreme temperatures, high humidity, freeze/thaw cycles, fungal decay and termites. They also stand up to impact from airborne debris and everyday bumps better than many other siding products.

Reason #3: The Warranty

LP has your back with an industry-leading 50-year limited warranty, plus a five-year, 100% labor and replacement feature. Architects, builders and remodelers can recommend LP products with confidence, and homeowners can enjoy lasting peace of mind. See www.LPSmartSide.com for complete warranty details.

Reason #4: Tested for Toughness

NASA researchers tested the impact resistance of LP SmartSide siding and fiber cement siding by hurling high-speed projectiles at both materials. They found more damage was sustained by fiber cement than LP SmartSide engineered wood. In termite resistance testing, LP SmartSide products remained structurally sound even after years of exposure to the extremely wet, humid conditions of Hilo, Hawaii.

Reason #5: Easy Installation

Contractors love that LP SmartSide trim, lap siding and engineered wood siding panels are lightweight, strong and only require a few standard woodworking tools for installation. This means faster, more efficient installs that save time and money.

Reason #6: Sustainability

All LP SmartSide products begin with one simple, renewable resource: wood.  All wood we use in the manufacturing process is grown and gathered under strict Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) standards. LP SmartSide siding is a must-have material to help builders qualify for green building programs.

Reason #7: The Track Record

LP has now manufactured over nine billion square feet of SmartSide products that have been installed on four million homes since 1997. After almost two decades, LP SmartSide products continue to perform beautifully.

Believe in LP® SmartSide® Siding

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