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Add architectural detail and texture to feature areas of your home’s exterior.

Cedar Texture Shakes

LP® SmartSide® Cedar Texture Shake Siding is a great choice for adding charm and character to any home. It’s an affordable alternative to achieving the natural look of real shake siding with easy maintenance and upkeep. Use it for decorative accents or your entire home.

Product Specs &
Application Instructions

LP SmartSide products come in different lengths, widths, textures, profiles and substrates, so there’s an ideal product for virtually any set of needs. Find all those details and product specifications here.

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Features & Benefits

  • The look of traditional cedar with easy maintenance over time
  • Staggered edges offer a lively, textured effect
  • Can be used on all exterior walls or as a decorative accent
  • Shiplap ends for seamless appearance
  • Treated engineered wood fiber substrate
  • Reversible staggered or straight edge offers exceptional design versatility

Industry-Leading Warranty

Choose LP SmartSide products with confidence.

5 Year Warranty

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Good For Customers, Good For The Environment

LP uses an SFI® certified forest management and fiber sourcing system to help ensure that the wood that goes into our products comes from well-managed forests.

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Luxurious Appeal of Cedar

LP SmartSide Cedar Shake Siding gives you the classic look of shakes with easy maintenance. It’s a siding option that offers incredible design versatility and always turns heads!

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