Hearthside Homes Uses LP® SmartSide® Vertical Siding to Create Seamless Aesthetic & Reduce Labor Costs


Founded in 1987, Hearthside Homes is a Kansas City, Missouri–based residential homebuilding company specializing in building new homes and communities to fit different lifestyles and budgets. The team combines exceptional craftsmanship and customer experiences, continuing to build upon its longstanding foundation of putting value first.

In June 2017 Hearthside Homes started work on Riverwood, a 22-home residential complex built with a craftsman-style aesthetic and solid, durable framework. For the exterior cladding they used LP® SmartSide® Vertical Siding, which limits horizontal seams with its 16´ lengths. LP SmartSide Vertical Siding also leverages strength and durability as it’s engineered with the LP® SmartGuard® process and original strand-technology manufacturing method.


Prior to this job, Hearthside Homes owner Dennis Shriver was using a combination of LP SmartSide panels to achieve his 12’ elevation requirements on residential homes similar to those in the Riverwood community. Because his design scheme included exterior walls extending beyond 12´ in height, the walls would subsequently have a seam where panels came together. His crew would have to “build something down in the peak of the gable to create a shorter length or come up with an alternative to hide the seams.”

With 21 years of experience in the building industry, Shriver has been a longtime user of LP SmartSide siding products. He was excited to start using LP SmartSide Vertical Siding for the Riverwood project to provide a more efficient way to eliminate the time spent on manually creating the appearance of longer lengths and hiding joints to give homes a more seamless look.


In June 2017, Hearthside Homes began work on Riverwood’s 22 single-story homes. The individual units varied from 1,360 to 2,580 square feet. Due to the dimensions and architectural style of each home, they used LP SmartSide Vertical Siding in 16´ lengths on every home within the community. Approximately 400–600 square feet of LP SmartSide Vertical Siding was used on each home. According to Shriver the addition of the vertical siding not only eliminated the seams, it also allowed for a much easier installation—saving both time and money.

In addition to LP SmartSide Vertical Siding, Shriver used many other LP SmartSide siding products on Riverwood, including the LP® SmartSide® Perfection Shingle, Trim and Soffit to create the board & batten look of traditional craftsman homes. Shriver says using the line of LP SmartSide siding products creates many benefits in addition to removing seams, including adding strength and increasing the value of the home.

Another benefit Shriver appreciates about LP SmartSide siding is how inclusive the warranty is. There are several things that Shriver says he was glad to find that the LP® SmartSide® Warranty encompassed compared to competitors, including broader, longer coverage and the full cost of repairs or replacements for five years. Ultimately, he says he appreciates the fact that the LP SmartSide warranty is crafted to be beneficial to the builder. 


Riverwood is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 and will have 22 single-story homes, each with a traditional craftsman-style look. Most importantly, every home in the development will be built with a seamless look.

Shriver plans to use LP SmartSide Vertical Siding in future jobs with similar architecture, as the benefits have proven themselves in many ways. While the primary benefit of using LP SmartSide Vertical Siding was to create a seamless look, he was glad to find that the materials’ workability also led to reduced labor costs. 

Shriver says, “Instead of building something down in the peak or finding ways to disguise the seam, my crew was able to simply apply one panel, cut to length and go!” It’s what Shriver says makes LP SmartSide siding a “superior way to build.”