Case Studies

United Kingdom

Wyder Engineered Timber Systems Limited

Use of LP SolidStart LSL Rim Board in Tract Housing in the U.K.

Project Summary

In building tract housing in the U.K., LP®SolidStart® LSL Rim Board is used to create the perimeter for floor cassettes, which speed up the process of floor installation. The floors are pre-assembled to meet individual specifications and installed quickly by crane. By installing LP SolidStart LSL Rim Board, Wyder Engineered Timber Systems Limited is able to save money and time with a product that matches the sizes of standard I-Joist floor depths in the U.K., is easy to use, and offers less waste.


Located near Preston in Lancashire, England, Wyder Engineered Timber Systems Limited is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of engineered wood products throughout much of the U.K. They have a particularly high level of expertise in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of pre-fabricated floor cassettes using engineered wood products.

The company works with a variety of builders ranging from independent developers to large national builders. While they focus on all aspects of the construction industry, Wyder Engineered Timber Limited specializes in new house construction, timber frame, and commercial projects, including mezzanine floors.


Tract housing needs to be built quickly, with strength and consistency between the different homes in the same development.

Through its development of pre-fabricated components, Wyder Engineered Timber Systems Limited seeks to assist builders meet the constraints of time and quality.


The floor cassette is prepared using LP® SolidStart® LSL Rim Board to form the perimeter of the floor zone in a home, which gives the floor cassette rigidity while also meeting the regulations for fire, vertical load transfer, and floor diaphragm.

The floor cassettes are custom-tailored to each individual building. Using custom-made, automated saws, the company uses the specifications from engineers and architects to cut within a tolerance of 3mm. The automated saws allow the company to cut to any size and layout.

LP SolidStart LSL Rim Board offers an advantage in that it comes in sizes that already match the standard I-Joist floor depths in the U.K.

The cassettes are delivered to the site with drawings that include details on the connections along with full layout plans. Additionally, the cassettes are labeled for easy installation.

Once on-site, the pre-fabricated floor cassettes—which are very large in size—are lowered into place quickly by a crane and easily lock into place in the structure.

“It (LP SolidStart LSL Rim Board) forms the perimeter of the floor zone within the building, gives the cassette rigidity, and meets the regulations for fire and structural performance within the floor zone without adding extra components,” said Sales Director Dave Williams of Wyder Engineered Timber Systems Limited.

Of particular importance in the flooring cassettes is length. Williams said LP SolidStart LSL Rim Board comes in longer lengths (up to 12 meters), so there are fewer joints and less waste.

He added that the product has higher vertical load capacity than glulam; a reliable, consistent quality; and a wax coating that helps prevent swelling in wet weather.


The use of LP SolidStart LSL Rim Board within the flooring cassettes is helping Wyder Engineered Timber Systems Limited complete projects in a timely and more cost-effective manner.

This building method offers an off-site, project-specific engineered solution that can speed up installation efficiency and thereby reduce costs on-site. Plus, the lack of need for additional components to meet fire and building regulations results in additional savings. The product is backed with a Chain of Custody through the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and the Sustainable Forestry Inititative.

Finally, Williams said the product is resistant to splitting when nailed into place, further reducing waste and improving the quality of the finished product.