Awarding Environmental Excellence

You may wonder how an engineered wood company helps keep its environmental principles in line when it comes to mills and other work fields. Well, we’ve been awarding our team members and sites for many years to show them just how important it is to be environmentally responsible and innovative, too.

Our Environmental Team collaborates and evaluates LP mills and work sites each year to determine eligibility for our environmental recognitions and awards. Through milestones, certain sites are honored with awards to commemorate their accomplishments. Our honors include:

Environmental Excellence—awarded to facilities for every 5-year milestone of exceptional environmental performance.

Most Innovative Waste Improvement Award—annual award for innovative waste initiative projects in progress and/or completed.

Our teams are dedicated to environmental compliance and innovation. This year, our Two Harbors facility celebrated a 25-year milestone for environmental excellence. Their dedication to environmental responsibility earned them the 25-year banner and they plan to continue their commitment to the environment.

Last year, our East River location earned the 2013 Most Innovative Waste Improvement Award for managing seven waste reduction projects that saved them a whopping $253,000. Their hard work motivates them to continue their waste and recycling focus for years to come.

At LP, we’re proud that our facilities focus intently on their responsibility to the environment and we’re compelled to acknowledge our facilities that reach above and beyond for the environment. Learn more about our environmental responsibility and LP’s products.