Awards & Recognitions

Our employees are recognized for their accomplishments in local communities. Here are a few of those accomplishments.

LP Awards

  • Environmental Excellence Award – Awarded to facilities for every five-year milestone of exceptional environmental performance.
  • Most Innovative Waste Improvement Award – Annual award for innovative waste reduction projects in progress and/or completed.

Research Projects


  • LP has forest management responsibility for about 13 million acres in Canada using forestry environmental management systems that employ the principles and objectives of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.
  • LP’s forest management plans embrace a wide array of sustainable forestry practices that include requirements for: forest health and productivity, research, community involvement, protection of water quality, wildlife habitat, biological diversity, and special sites.
  • LP foresters perform hundreds of on-site visits of our independent wood suppliers each year. They communicate what it means to follow best management practices, and they monitor the relationship to understand if landowner and wood suppliers have followed these practices.
  • LP foresters lead classroom discussions for elementary and high school students, small private landowners, and professional loggers on subject matters ranging from forestry awareness and silviculture to wildlife habitat and endangered species.
  • LP foresters manned numerous information booths and made speeches to local clubs, regional and state organizations, and elected officials covering sustainable forestry practices.
  • LP foresters chair or serve on dozens of sustainable forestry committees across the United States and Canada.
  • LP foresters distribute hundreds of newsletters and information packets to forest landowners and other interested parties every year, such as students and teachers, in an effort to broaden the awareness and practice of sustainable forestry.