LP FlameBlock

Meet Code. Exceed Expectations.

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A Single Fire-Rated Panel
That Allows You To Do More With Less 

LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing is ICC-certified to meet code and provides additional value—strength, savings and greater design flexibility. It is a component of code-compliant fire-rated wall assemblies and roof deck applications.

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Code Approved

  • ICC-certified (ESR-1365)
  • Class A and 30-Minute Flame Spread Rating (ASTM E84, UL 723)
  • Combines flame-spread resistance and burn-through resistance
  • 15-Minute Thermal Barrier Protection (UBC 26-2)
  • Component of fire-rated interior and exterior wall assemblies and roof decks

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Design Flexibility

Load/span and shear-strength design values equivalent to untreated wood structural panels of the same thickness. Provides more flexibility in the design of wall openings and more options in framing and bracing to meet structural requirements, compared to panels with reduced design values.


Carries design values for load/span and shear that are superior to FRT wood structural panels of the same thickness.


Reduces labor costs versus common alternatives.

Weather Resistance

Exposure 1 classification and product warranty certify that it can withstand exposure to moisture during normal construction delays.


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