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A Mid-Year Look at 2020’s Top Exterior Home Trends

We’re halfway through 2020, and what better time to see how the exterior trends forecasted earlier this year are holding up? In this blog we’ll examine top siding trends and trending exterior house colors, and catch up with well-known designer Liz Marie Galvan on her insights around the home trends that are on the rise and here to stay.

Top 3 Home Design Trends Emerging in 2020

  • Saturated, bold siding colors More and more, homeowners are looking to rich paint colors to add curb appeal and personalities to their homes. Factory primed and prefinished LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding comes in trending colors for 2020. What are the most popular siding colors for a house exterior? It’s your choice: beautiful and rich Redwood Red, gorgeous dark Rapids Blue or strong and bold Cavern Steel. With Abyss Black trim, you can also achieve a dark-on-dark 2020 trendsetter aesthetic. 
  • Smooth siding trends – A smooth finish is one of the top new siding trends. The look of LP® SmartSide® Smooth Trim & Siding checks all the boxes when it comes to Advanced Durability for Longer Lasting Beauty® and a sleek finish for a clean, modern aesthetic.
  • Creative exteriors with mixed materials – As we look at the trending exterior house colors, we’re noticing designers focusing as much attention on creating one-of-a-kind home exteriors as they are on designing unique interiors. Take a cue from these professional designers and get creative mixing building materials, like metal roofs and awnings or stone pillars and skirting. For more ideas, check out our article on mixing materials for an eye-catching exterior.

A Designer’s Take on 2020 Exterior Styles

Next, we’re checking in with Liz Marie Galvan, blogger, author and owner of The Found Cottage. Having recently partnered with Galvan to design and construct an office shed using LP SmartSide products, we sat down to uncover the latest trends in home style and more. 

  • Rustic, modern aesthetic on the rise – Of all the 2020 trends, Galvan says, “It’s all about simple, organic earthy textures for creating a modern aesthetic. Try adding rustic wood-like textures in the accessories, marble pieces, stone accents and clean-line metal pieces for an updated look.” Having recently used LP SmartSide products on her detached office, Galvan says the sleek, clean look of engineered wood siding versus other siding materials she’s seen is the perfect backdrop to add these types of accents for one-of-a-kind curb appeal.
  • Winning siding and accent combinations – Once the new siding trends are incorporated into the home’s exterior, incorporate popular siding colors to complete the look. Galvan says to consider accentuating the beauty of your siding texture and color with details like outdoor lights, front door handles and house numbers. The combination of smooth siding and exterior “accessories” can combine a chic rustic and modern aesthetic for added curb appeal that “pops and is a massive trend right now,” says Galvan.
  • Timeless exterior details Galvan is noticing homeowners are paying more attention to choosing siding that preserves a traditional look but appeals to modern taste—an aesthetic that LP SmartSide products are known for achieving. “People are asking their builders to bring back those historic charm items like architectural details in peaks and custom corbels around their home,” she says. 
  • Eye-catching pops of color – Earthy tones like creams, greens and matte black are color trends for 2020. “Bring in a pop of earthy color paint to shutters, window boxes and doors,” says Galvan. She goes on, “Just a small amount of color can create a whole new look.”

Looking for siding design ideas for your next home exterior design project? Try out different materials and colors with our LP® SmartSide® Home Visualizer.

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