LP WeatherLogic

Proven To Seal Out Moisture and Air

Features and Benefits

Protects from Water

Helps safeguard the home from water intrusion for a tighter building envelope while allowing moisture vapor to escape.

Structural I Sheathing

Versatile roof and wall panels add greater cross-panel strength and stiffness for enhanced structural capacity.

Easy Installation

Water-resistant sheathing that installs just like regular sheathing for potential labor savings while keeping jobsites cleaner and more professional.

Long-Lasting Protection

Protects against air and water during construction, providing structural stability for years to come.

LP WeatherLogic Board

Product Specifications

  • Structural I Sheathing
  • Can be used for both roof and wall applications for greater versatility
  • Water-resistive panels are available in 4-foot nominal widths and 8-, 9-, or 10-foot lengths
  • Seam & Flashing tape is available in 3.75-inch and 6-inch widths; squeegees offer ease of installation and come with every box
  • 30-Year Limited Warranty is one of the longest in the industry

Product Data Sheet

LP WeatherLogic Struc I Rated Sheathing

Keep Water Out and Energy In

This integrated WRB system provides a layer of moisture protection and creates a tighter building envelope.

LP’s Proprietary Water-Resistant Sheathing Material Explained

To create a Structural I OSB panel, LP’s innovative manufacturing process combines wood strands oriented in cross-directional layers with waxes and resins for greater cross-panel strength and stiffness. Then, to create LP WeatherLogic® panels, an integrated, water-resistive overlay is added, completing an integrated exterior sheathing panel that provides both air and water protection. Rated for both wall and roof applications, the system eliminates the need for housewrap or roof underlayment (in most cases) while providing the increased capacity of Structural I sheathing.

LP WeatherLogic How Its Made

Moisture Management Technology

Protect what you build. LP WeatherLogic works to keep water out and energy in with an integrated, water-resistive overlay. The panels provide permeability and allows moisture to dry, an innovation that provides greater indoor comfort for years to come.

Product Accessories

Defend your build with innovative accessories that provide an extra layer of protection and more comfort for your clients.

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We’re here to help you build your vision that stands the test of time.

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