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How Flashing Sealant Technology Works to Provide a Tighter Building Envelope

No matter how great a product is, it’s nice to have options that give you the flexibility to diagnose and solve any problems that may arise on the jobsite. The LP Weatherlogic® Seam & Flashing Tape has been a trusted product for years, but now the LP Building Solutions product team is offering a new flashing sealant to help provide builders with an additional convenient option to create a tight building envelope when using LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier

What Is LP WeatherLogic® Seam & Flashing Sealant?

LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Sealant is a liquid-applied flashing material certified to AAMA 714-19. As part of the LP WeatherLogic system, the new flashing sealant is the only liquid-applied sealant approved to seal the LP WeatherLogic panel joints. 

The sealant is also designed to flash doors, windows, material transitions and penetrations of any shape. “The LP Structural Solutions team is dedicated to delivering better solutions,” says Chris Dall, product manager for the growth and innovation team at LP Building Solutions.

Dall explains the LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Tape or LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Sealant—or a combination of both—can be used to seal the seams of LP WeatherLogic panels, depending on what your trades are most comfortable using. Whether you’re building a spec home with an inside corner to the garage or a luxury home with pipes going out to the pool, there are various areas where it may be beneficial to use sealant. 

lp weatherlogic flashing sealant around window

More Applications for LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Sealant

Repairing overdriven nails is another suggested application for LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Sealant. “Builders can’t always avoid imperfections in the field, so one of the framers can walk around with a sealant gun and quickly seal any overdriven nails,” says Dall. “We try to give you more options.”  

LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Sealant can be used beyond the walls as well. As a sealant for roof flashing, use it when installing LP WeatherLogic panels as roof sheathing. Be sure to check the installation instructions for specific do’s and don’ts. 

LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Sealant contributes to the complete LP WeatherLogic System. “It’s like we drafted a new player who has great individual skills, but we are most excited about how they will elevate the entire team,” says Dall. “At the end of the day, it’s about how we can improve the overall performance of our LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier system.”

window sil with smoothed lp weatherlogic sealant

Be sure to visit the LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Sealant product page for more information and installation tips.

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