At LP, our products are innovatively designed to withstand everyday impacts, weather, and the passage of time. With industry-leading warranties backing those products and exceptional customer service, we want to help you take the future of building into your own hands. If you need to file a warranty claim, the instructions on this page will be your guide.

LP SmartSide Warranties

Includes LP SmartSide Primed and ExpertFinish lap and panel siding, shingle, shake, trim, fascia, soffit and more.

LP Structural Solutions Warranties

Includes LP TechShield, LP TopNotch 250, LP TopNotch 350, LP WeatherLogic, LP Legacy, LP FlameBlock, LP OSB and more.

Claim Checklist

Below is a list of everything that is required to submit a warranty claim. We will accept legible photos of
documents, including those taken with mobile devices. Once you have obtained all the required
documents, you may proceed with submitting your claim.

1. Full View Photos

We require full view photos of each side of your home along with close-up photos depicting the issue clearly.

2. Proof of Property Ownership

We require two of the following supporting documents:
a. Copy of Warranty (property) Deed
b. Copy of Final Building Permit (can be obtained from the builder or local zoning division office)
c. Receipts for the purchase of the product showing property address and stating LP siding delivered to the site
d. Current copy of Homeowner Insurance Declaration Page showing homeowner name and property address
e. Copy of most recent Utility Bill (gas, water, electric) showing homeowner name and property address

3. Proof of Installation Date & Validation of the Product

We require one of the following supporting documents:
a. Certificate of Occupancy
b. Current Mortgage Statement listing the property address and homeowner/s name/s
c. Current copy of Property Tax Report showing homeowner name and property address
d. Letter from Builder showing month and year the siding was installed. This must be on company
letterhead or include contractor’s license number.

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