LP® Archform
Concrete Edge Form

Lightweight and Flexible Concrete Forming Solution

LP® ArchForm Concrete Edge Form is an engineered wood strand product designed for use in flatwork concrete forming applications, such as residential landscaping, patios, walkways, pool decks and more. It is flexible enough for curving to fit the contours of formed concrete projects and is backed by LP’s industry-leading technology, service and support.
LP® ArchForm™ Concrete Edge Form
16-foot lengths can result in time savings
Resin-saturated overlay resists moisture intrusion
Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle on the jobsite
Cost-effective alternative to metal or plastic forming products
Strong, durable and manufactured to consistent dimensions
Designed to resist warping, cupping, shrinkage and splintering

Save Time on the Jobsite

LP® ArchForm Concrete Edge Form can be used concrete forming along a horizontal plane for projects like sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, air conditioner condenser pads and other formed concrete projects. Jobsite benefits and guidelines include:

  • Well-suited for radius forming
  • Face gray primed surface towards concrete pour
  • Reusable with no release agent required
  • Stake as needed to resist loads during curing
  • Can be drilled or cut with carbide tools
LP® ArchForm™ on a Home

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LP ArchForm Concrete Edge Form is available in select markets. Call your local LP representative or the above phone number to find a distrubutor near you.