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Super-tough, moisture-resistant sub-flooring

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Made with Gorilla Glue Technology
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For The Toughest Sub-Flooring Jobs On The Planet

LP Legacy® sub-flooring uses Gorilla Glue Technology® for one of the industry's strongest, stiffest sub-floors. It's technology that homebuyers easily understand and value.

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Made with Gorilla Glue Technology

LP Legacy® Benefits

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    Strongest in Class

    Leading proprietary design values, qualified by APA Product Report® PR- N127. The resins used to make LP Legacy sub-flooring bond wood fibers at the molecular level for premium performance, and the high density makes it ideal for hardwood floors, tile applications and large homes that may be exposed to the elements during construction.

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    Gorilla Tough Panels

    LP’s exclusive collaboration with the Gorilla Glue company promotes the strength and stiffness of our LP Legacy high performance sub-floor. The wood strands of LP Legacy are coated with waterproof resins using Gorilla Glue Technology to give maximum moisture resistance.

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    Covered Until It's Covered

    LP offers a unique Covered Until It’s Covered No-Sand Warranty on its LP Legacy sub-floor, as well as a Lifetime Limited Warranty that lasts as long as the home. For complete details, see the LP Legacy Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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    Exceptional Fastener-Holding

    The stiffness of LP Legacy sub-flooring makes it ideal for hardwood floor and tile applications. High panel density provides exceptional fastener holding strength and a quieter sub-floor to foot traffic.

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    LP's Legacy of Innovation

    LP leverages more than 40 years of manufacturing and innovation excellence to bring builders industry leading technology in our highest performing sub-floor yet.

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    See Our Toughness Go Overboard

    We’ve gone to great lengths – and heights – to prove the toughness of LP Legacy® premium sub-flooring, made with Gorilla Glue Technology®.

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Made with Gorilla Glue Technology Learn More
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New Moisture Management Design

LP Legacy sub-flooring features a clear edge-seal that provides enhanced visibility into the quality of our strands while protecting against edge swell. Strategically placed notches at the ends of the panel allow rainwater to drain during construction.

How It's Made

  • Logs are stranded and dried
  • Strands are then blended with waxes and resins that surround and coat each strand, providing Gorilla Glue Technology throughout the panel.
  • Strands are then aligned in a specific orientation and sent through a press where they are bonded at the molecular level
  • Panels are cut to size
  • Tongue and groove profile and RainChannel® notches are machined
  • Edge seal coating is added to protect against moisture
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Product Specs

Bending Stiffness

Parallel Direction ( Nominal 8´) – 405,000

Perpendicular Direction (4´) – 165,000

Bending Strength

Parallel Direction (8´) – 1,300

Perpendicular Direction (4´) – 750

Panel Weight

Southern species: 82 lbs.

Northern species: 76 lbs.



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Build Your Legacy On Ours

LP, or Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, began in 1973 with a collective goal to create a better structural panel out of a renewable natural resource and do it responsibly. Over 40 years, we have poured ourselves into our passion for wood strand technology and brought to market industry-changing products. Today, we are proud to bring LP Legacy to your jobsite. This is a product that takes our years of experience, both successes and failures, and offers our builders a quality panel that meets their needs for strength, stiffness, moisture resistance and fastener holding strength. Our history is certainly a part of our legacy and we hope to be a key ingredient in supporting your legacy.

The Gorilla Glue Company is a leading manufacturer of high quality adhesives designed for the toughest projects and repairs. Their success is built on Gorilla Glue’s incredible strength and waterproof hold. The same adhesive technology that makes Gorilla Glue perfect for The Toughest Jobs on Planet Earth®, also makes LP Legacy the strongest and stiffest sub-floor you can buy.

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