LP Legacy Premium Sub-flooring


  • Bending Stiffness: Parallel Direction (Nominal 8´) – 395,120
  • Bending Stiffness: Perpendicular Direction Nominal (4´) – 160,980
  • Bending Strength: Parallel Direction Nominal (8´) – 1,300
  • Bending Strength: Perpendicular Direction Nominal (4´) – 750
  • Panel Weight Southern species: 82 lbs; Northern species: 76 lbs


Features and Benefits

One of the Stiffest in Class
APA-verified as one of the industry’s strongest, stiffest sub-floors alongside exceptional fastener holding.
Superior Moisture Resistance
Sub-floor sheathing panels are packed with more strands, resin and wax to provide exceptional resistance to moisture and edge swell.
Gorilla Tough® Panels
Wood strands are coated with water-resistant resins using Gorilla Glue Technology® for exceptional stiffness.
Industry-Leading Warranty
LP offers a unique Covered Until It’s Covered® No-Sand Warranty PLUS a Lifetime Limited Warranty that lasts as long as the home.
Installed Legacy sub-flooring panel
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8 Common Sub-Floor Install Mistakes

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Technical Documents
Get the details on LP Legacy® sub-flooring installation, warranty and more.

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Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring with Water
Building for Resiliency
LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring boasts superior moisture resistance.

How Does Gorilla Glue Technology® Work?

Best Options for Sub-Flooring

Sub-Flooring for Tile Floors

A Guide to LP Legacy® Sub-Floor Adhesive

Choosing a Premium Sub-Floor

See why CroweBuilt Homes Builds with LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring.

LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring Deflection Test

Contractor Kyle Stumpenhorst performs a quick test to show the strength and resiliency of LP Legacy® sub-flooring.

Premium Sub-Floor Sheathing Built To Last

To create LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Floor panels, logs are stranded and dried, then blended with waxes and resins. This includes Gorilla Glue Technology® that provides unmatched strength and moisture resistance throughout the panel. The strands are aligned in a specific orientation, sent through a press to bond at the molecular level, and cut to size. With this innovative process, LP Legacy panels represent one of the strongest, stiffest sub-floor options on the market.

LP Legacy Made Of

Premium OSB Technology

There’s a reason it’s among the industry’s best OSB sub-flooring. LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring panels are designed to elevate every build by delivering cost-effective superior performance and stability. Stake your reputation on the remarkably strong, consistent quality of LP Legacy sub-floors.

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LP Legacy® Accessories

LP Legacy<sup>®</sup> Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive
LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Floor Adhesive

Designed to create a tight seal in small gaps and to help prevent squeaks.

LP Legacy<sup>®</sup> Sub-Floor Adhesive Applicator
LP Legacy® Sub-Floor Adhesive Applicator

Helps make adhesive application easy with adjustable bead width.

LP Legacy<sup>®</sup> Polyurethane Foam Cleaner
LP Legacy® Polyurethane Foam Cleaner

Helps prevent clogs when used regularly after every six cans of adhesive.

LP® TechShield®
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LP WeatherLogic®
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LP NovaCore®
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LP FlameBlock®
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