LP Legacy® Premium Sub-flooring Limited Warranty

With the LP Legacy® limited warranty, you’ll build with one of the stiffest sub-floors on the planet and with confidence that brings peace of mind to your build. LP Legacy® panels are backed by a unique warranty that leads the industry and covers LP Legacy® during the time it takes to complete your build and long after.

LP Legacy® Lifetime Limited Warranty Fast Facts

Review these quick facts about the LP Legacy® Lifetime Limited Warranty. You’ll see how confident LP Building Solutions is in their premium sub-flooring product, one of the stiffest in its class.

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty (from the date of installation)
  • Covered Until It’s Covered® No-Sand Warranty (from installation through the time finished flooring is installed over sub-flooring panels)
  • 30-day claim period (before permanent repairs begin)
  • Must be installed in accordance with LP Legacy® Installation Instructions for warranty to apply
Worker placing a sheet of sub-flooring down in a new building under construction.

LP Legacy® Premium Sub-flooring Benefits

While our LP Legacy® panels are backed by a unique premium sub-floor limited warranty, they’re also designed to hold up to anything that comes their way. Here’s why you can depend on LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring.

One of the Stiffest in Class

Large Legacy panels leaning against some building framing.
LP Legacy® APA-verified panels boast exceptional fastener holding and are one of the industry’s strongest and stiffest sub-floors.

Keeps Water Out

Close up shot of some wet Legacy panels.
LP Legacy® panels are packed with more strands, resins, and waxes to provide exceptional moisture resistance and protection against edge swell.

Gorilla Tough® Panels

Close up shot of the Gorilla Glue logo on a Legacy panel, with a caulking gun resting on it.
LP Legacy® panels include wood strands coated with water-resistant resins using Gorilla Glue Technology® for exceptional stiffness.

Consistent Manufacturing

Angled view of some installed Legacy sub flooring panels beside some framing, with low light streaming across it.
With disciplined manufacturing processes, LP Legacy® panels are among the industry’s most consistent in quality.

Install With Ease

Someone attaching Legacy sub flooring with a nail gun.
With a tongue and groove profile, LP Legacy® Premium Sub-flooring is easy to install and deliver cost-effective performance.

Contact Us

To file a claim under the LP Legacy® Lifetime Limited Warranty, contact LP within 30 days of discovering damage and before starting any lasting repairs.

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1610 West End, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37203

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Two workers inside a construction site hammering down some sub flooring.
Installation Instructions

It’s crucial to install LP Legacy® Premium Sub-flooring in accordance with LP Legacy® Installation Instructions. Take these steps to avoid canceling your warranty.

One sheet of LP Legacy Premium sub flooring.
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