LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring Installation Instructions

Proven to be one of the stiffest sub-floors on the planet, LP Legacy® panels are APA verified and packed with resins using Gorilla Glue Technology® for water resistance. The LP Legacy® installation process is easy and can be completed with conventional nailing and gluing techniques.

Before You Begin

Keep these tips in mind to help your installation of LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring go smoothly and to keep the product in great shape.

  • Store panels in clean, dry areas off the ground (indoors if possible)
  • Cover panels with plastic sheets or tarps if stored outside, leaving cover open and away from the sides of the panels to allow for air circulation
  • Protect edges to prevent damage to the tongue and groove profile
  • Space units at least 4˝ on all sides
  • Allow panels to acclimate to jobsite moisture conditions
  • Allow wet wood framing to dry before sub-flooring installation


Legacy Product

Step by Step Installation Instructions

Step 1
Step 1
Prepare Panels

Panels must be installed with the APA trademark stamp facing down. Prepare standard woodworking tools for LP Legacy® installation.

Step 2
Step 2
Use Recommended Glue-Nail Application

For greater stiffness and to reduce nail popping and floor noise, apply a continuous line of glue, about 1/4" in diameter, to framing members. Apply glue in serpentine pattern on wide areas. See complete LP Legacy® installation details for additional gluing techniques.

Step 3
Step 3
Install Panels

To install sub-flooring once glue is applied, slide panels into place. Install panels directly over floor joists, continuously over two or more spans with long dimension, strength axis across supports. Complete fastening before glue sets.

Step 4
Step 4
Finish Flooring

After installation, sub-flooring panels should dry, if wet, before application of finish flooring. Do not fill nail holes, but sand edge joints, fill panel voids with wood putty and sand surface roughness.

See the Installation Process in Action

Building pros Kyle Stumpenhorst and Jordan Smith demonstrate the ease of the LP TechShield installation process. Click to watch!

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