Installation Instructions

LP Legacy® sub-flooring panels use a self-spacing tongue and groove system that is engineered to fit together with ease.


Install the Strongest Sub-flooring on the Planet With Ease

Join builder pros Jordan Smith and Kyle Stumpenhorst as they show how easy it is to install LP Legacy® Premium Sub-flooring.

Step By Step

Step One
Install APA Side Down

Be sure to install panels with the APA trademark stamp facing down. Look for the “This Side Down” designation.

Step Two
Slide the Panels into Place

Don’t force the panels together—the tongue and groove profile is self-spacing, allowing for a one sixteenth of an inch gap along the panel edges.

Step Three
Fasten the Panels

Before the glue sets, complete all nailing of each panel. Make sure fasteners penetrate at least one inch into the framing members.

Tested Extreme® - Ocean Expedition

LP Legacy put its product to the test, pitting its strength against one of nature’s most formidable adversaries, 160 miles off the coast of Baja, Mexico, lies Isla Guadalupe.

University of Maine Product Testing

Wood scientists at the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center tested LP Legacy panels in a four-phase, 14-month study designed to simulate the potential extremes of a real jobsite and wear in a finished home.

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