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LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier is an integrated wall and roof sheathing system that combines both air and water protection with the increased structural capacity of a Structural I rating. The following products help maximize your build’s moisture protection to help extend the life of exterior surfaces with increased ventilation. 

LP WeatherLogic® Seam & Flashing Tape

Certified to AAMA 711-13, LP WeatherLogic® Seam & Flashing Tape features one of today's highest quality adhesives. Squeegees are included in each box of tape to help create a firm seal and contribute to a tight building envelope. LP WeatherLogic tape must be used on all seams per warranty requirements.

Roll of WeatherLogic flashing tape

LP WeatherLogic® Seam & Flashing Sealant

LP WeatherLogic® Seam & Flashing Sealant is a liquid‐applied flashing material certified to AAMA 714‐ 19 and is the only liquid‐applied sealant approved to seal the panel joints (seams) between LP WeatherLogic panels as part of the LP WeatherLogic system for a tighter building envelope. It can also be used to flash window and door openings, material transitions, and penetrations of any shape.

Seal Out Moisture and Air

Help create a tight building envelope for increased energy efficiency

Add to Your Build With Ease

Engineered to be easy to install for potential labor savings.

Integrates Seamlessly

Made for use in tandem with LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier

Backed by Innovation

Represents decades of finding solutions for building challenges

Working Better Together

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