Product Quality and Safety

LP’s high-quality building products are designed to last. We conduct quality control during every step of the manufacturing process and by conducting internal and external quality tests. We provide safety data sheets and installation instructions for all LP products and back up every product claim with data.

Responsible Sourcing

Our Sustainable Fiber Sourcing Policy outlines our commitment to procuring responsible wood fiber for our products. We communicate our commitment broadly—from employees to landowners to our customers. For more information on our responsible sourcing practices, see our Sustainability Report.

Product Innovation

Product innovation is a consistent theme throughout our more than 50-year history. Whether keeping homes cooler with our LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier or limiting construction waste through our LP® SmartSide® lap siding, our products not only protect individuals from the elements but have been engineered with sustainability in mind.

We maintain environmental product declarations (EDPs) for LP® SmartSide® products, the majority of our LP® Structural Solutions products, and OSB products manufactured in North America. These EPDs provide transparency into the environmental footprint of our products across their full life cycles.

The EPDs for our LP® SmartSide® products and the majority of our LP® Structural Solutions products demonstrate that the products are carbon negative, storing more carbon than released over their lifetime.

STS Product example

More details on EPDs and how we create innovative, high-quality products that decrease waste and increase efficiency are available in our Sustainability Report.