At LP, people come first. We work to create an engaging and inclusive culture at LP that protects the health and well-being of our employees and creates opportunities for individuals to learn and grow while taking care of themselves and their families.
LP Team wearing hardhats at a jobsite

Culture, Engagement and Well-Being

Driven by our eight leadership behaviors, our high-performing culture encourages employees to “Think and Act Like Owners.” We empower our employees to innovate, drive results and take pride in their work.

LP Leadership behaviors: be safe, insist on excellence, innovate and simplify, join forces, be curious, embrace differences, lean in, speak up, have a bias for action

Our goal is to create an inclusive and collaborative work environment that allows employees to learn, grow and develop while taking care of themselves and their families. Our Employee Journey guides our employee experience over five areas: Recruit and Hire, Onboard, Engage, Develop and Progress.

As a part of this Employee Journey, we conduct annual employee surveys. These surveys allow us to get feedback from our employees and continue to improve the employee experience.

In 2022, we won the Nashville Business Journal’s “Best in Business” Award and were named to The Tennessean’s List of Top Workplaces, recognizing our strong culture and commitment to our employees.

We offer a number of opportunities for our employees at all levels, whether senior leader or individual contributor, to learn and grow at LP. We also provide health and wellness benefits to help our employees take care of themselves and their families.

Our Sustainability Report details the programs we have in place to care for our employees and create an engaging and rewarding work environment.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

For LP, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a critical part of the way we do business. It’s not a check-the-box exercise—it’s core to our values and essential to our success.

"DEI is not only the right thing to do but it is strategic to our organization."

Brad Southern, LP Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Our DEI Pledge for Action outlines our commitments and the actions we will take to ensure our culture is one that promotes diversity, leads with inclusion and facilitates equity in our treatment of all employees.

Our DEI Goals
  • Work to ensure our employee populations reflect the communities where we operate in both race/ethnicity and gender.
  • Increase the representation of women and people of color in leadership positions.
  • Ensure representation of women and people of color on LP’s Board of Directors.
  • Strengthen the supply chain by expanding relationships and opportunities to purchase goods and services from minority- and women-owned businesses.
  • Ensure pay equity for comparable work, experience and performance, regardless of gender, race, religion or age, through third-party reviews and internal analysis.

We’ve already made strong progress on our DEI goals, launching a pay equity assessment, initiating DEI training and establishing a supplier diversity program. For more information on our DEI programs, see our Sustainability Report.

Employee Health and Safety

We’re committed to creating a healthy, safe workplace for all employees.

Our safety programs aim to prevent incidents before they occur. Applicable to all employees and contractors, our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Protocol Standard defines our expectations for creating a safe work environment. Additionally, our recently introduced Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) Prevention program uses predictive tools to further identify and target potential safety risks.

Every LP employee or contractor receives baseline safety training when they join the company, plus supplemental training based on their job requirements. In addition to this baseline training, each facility provides extra training specific to safety considerations for time of year, needs or high-risk activities.

Since 2010, we’ve won 85 safety awards recognizing us for our performance and commitment to safety.

For more information on our employee health and safety programs, see our Sustainability Report.