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Considering Color for Windows

Many homeowners don’t consider the color of the windows as part of their overall exterior color scheme. Siding colors usually take priority. However, windows are the eyes of the home, and the proper colors can make the scheme both cohesive and distinctive.

The default choice of many builders and homeowners is to choose the same color windows as the trim, which is definitely the safe option. Pair white trim with white windows, and cream trim with cream windows. When you mix white and cream, it will be glaringly obvious that your windows are replacements. As we discussed in an earlier article, houses with brown roofs and warm stone look best with cream or tan trim and windows. Houses with gray roofs and cool stone look best with white or off-white trim and windows.

As an alternative to these standard window colors, black or dark bronze are becoming increasingly favored in both neo-tudors and modern new homes. Think of a dark color as “eyeliner” for your windows. This creates a crisp, clean look on the eyes of the house, and can make the windows a defining feature of the exterior.

Painting the windows differently from the trim is gaining popularity in new builds, but the application has historical roots.  Many older homes in the Craftsman or Victorian style use contrasting colors on the windows, such as black, dark brown, blues, greens or red.

Attractive windows can be highlighted with contrasting trim color or accentuated with shutters in the same or a coordinating color. In this example, the siding and trim are both white, while the windows and shutters are dark blue:

If your existing windows are wood, you can paint them any color you choose. However, most new windows are vinyl and come in a small number of color choices. Some paint manufacturers have vinyl-safe coatings that can be painted on existing vinyl windows. However, painting vinyl windows in a dark color can void the window manufacturer’s warranty, so be sure to check to see if that’s the case.

You should definitely weigh the pros and cons of painting vinyl windows. Your best bet is to choose vinyl windows in a prefinished color that you will love for years to come. Even red windows can be surprisingly versatile, even if you decide to repaint your trim and siding at some point down the road.

Check out all our new color combinations for LP® SmartSide® prefinished siding. These 45 exterior color palettes are sure to help you choose just the right siding colors and color placement for your home.

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