Finding Balance: Building Trust vs. Over-Involving a Client

Building a trusting relationship with a client is much easier said than done. If you are a remodeler who wishes to foster a mutually beneficially relationship, it is critical that you build a strong foundation from the start by being knowledgeable, dependable and honest. Try to follow these steps to build trust.

  • Provide peace of mind without over-involving. The best way to give your client peace of mind is to communicate regularly. When you quickly and thoroughly address remodeling concerns, the client can move forward with confidence. Check in often to make sure you and the client are on the same page so you can meet or exceed expectations. However, avoid over-involving them in the nitty-gritty of the process as it may quickly lead to frustration and project burn-out.
  • Proactively guide customers through the selection process while staying in the driver’s seat. The selection process tends to bog down the remodeling timeline, so let the client know in writing when selections need to be made to keep the project on track. If they become overwhelmed by the choices, simplify the decision by narrowing down the options to three selections you would recommend. Help them to stay focused on products that are within the budget.
  • Work with reputable products. Remodeling clients also trust you to provide them with the best materials within their budget. Stewart Herman, owner of a remodeled 1907 Minneapolis Victorian, relied on the recommendation of his architect when deciding to install LP® SmartSide® siding on the home. “We are quite happy with the way the SmartSide looks on our house because it blends right into the Victorian aesthetic that we see in other houses around,” says Herman. Remodelers can also increase client confidence by choosing products that are backed by a generous warranty and explaining the benefits of the warranty.

Learn More About LP® SmartSide® Products

Would you like to learn about the benefits of quality LP® SmartSide® siding products for your clients and your business? Join the LP BuildSmart Program today. You’ll enjoy proven product training, marketing support and priority lead generation to help your business win.

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Industry Trends5 min

Tighter Building Envelopes

Overall, improvements in building envelopes have helped homeowners benefit from greater protection against moisture. Builders are able to create more energy-efficient homes overall due to these developments. However, when the exterior envelope doesn’t allow a structure to breathe, any moisture that gets trapped inside simply rots—causing more problems than intended. What is the solution to needing a tight building envelope that allows for proper airflow? Symbiotic materials, such as the LP Structural Solutions portfolio of products, provide an answer.

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On the Jobsite with LP Technical Sales Manager – Oscar Trejo

We’re joining Oscar Trejo, LP Technical Sales Manager, for a typical day on the job sharing his knowledge about one of the most durable siding solutions available—LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding. Trejo dedicates his time to providing construction training for building professionals, assisting on the jobsite, and leading his team at LP.

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How to Take Advantage of Popular Shed Trends and Add to Your Backyard

Have you ever considered adding a shed to your backyard? Lately, homeowners like you are thinking beyond storage sheds and instead are using these spaces as offices, gyms and more. With the flexibility that comes from building with LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® you can add a beautiful shed to your backyard, complete with one of the most durable siding options available, LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, which also leads to easier siding maintenance.

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As a leader in building solutions, LP Structural Solutions is consistently moving in the direction of greater resiliency. Each innovative building solution is viewed through that lens, as well as how it can help achieve LP’s overall goal of Building a Better World™. But why this direction? What led LP to focus on resilience in construction? Craig Miles, Director of OSB Sales & Marketing, explores how past trends inform LP’s work on modern building techniques today.