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Six Exterior Window Trim Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

Redoing your home’s exterior can be a big undertaking. If you’re looking for a simple way to update your home’s exterior, window trim is a great place to start. Updating your trim color or texture can transform the look and feel of your home without executing an entire re-side. For those looking to do a full re-side, considering outside window trim ideas to suit your housing style will finish off the look of your build. 

Unique Window Trim Ideas Using Color

Same Color, Different Shade

Choosing trim that is a different shade of the same color as your house ensures a cohesive look while still providing visual interest. For example, light blue trim on your navy house, cream trim on your white house, etc. This can be dark on light or light on dark. LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® trim is an easy solution for trim color updates with 16 ExpertFinish colors to choose from for a trim combination you’ll love.

Mix and Match

While matching your window trim to the rest of the trim on your house is a foolproof option, mixing up your exterior house color combos can provide a unique look. 

When adding a new color of trim to the mix, ensure it is complementary both to your siding and to your existing trim. An easy way to successfully do this is choosing three neutral colors. If you’re looking for more color, a helpful formula to follow is two shades of the same color plus one neutral. For example, LP SmartSide Expertfinish colors such as Marshland Moss + Prairie Clay + Snowscape White, or Shoreline Cream + Sand Dunes + Marshland Moss. 

Highlight your favorite features 

If you want to highlight your windows, choose a color that contrasts from your siding. Similarly, if you’re looking to draw attention to the overall shape of your home rather than the windows, choose a color more similar to your siding for the window trim and a more contrasted option for all other trim. 

Decorative Exterior Window Trim Ideas


There are plenty of new trends in house siding, from modern and streamlined to rustic farmhouse style and everything in between. Shutters can be a great addition to a variety of housing styles and work to further elevate curb appeal.

Window box

Incorporating a window box into your exterior trim layout is a fun way to play around with housing accessories and create a welcoming feel. Window boxes allow for easy personalization and can be a great way to include greenery with your home’s exterior.

Decorative Trim

Trim comes in various shapes to accentuate windows. Opting for more stylized trim products can provide eye-catching dimension.

Using decorative exterior window trim to update your home is a great way to customize the exterior and cater to personal style. 

Looking for more home inspiration? Check out the LP Building Solutions Pinterest for the latest building trends and styles.

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