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How to Hang Items on Siding

The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Items on House Siding

As seasons change, you may find yourself wanting to add seasonal decor to your house. When considering mounting decorations or more functional assets such as lights to your home’s exterior, you may be wondering how to hang items on siding. While LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is engineered for longer-lasting durability, there are some key tips to keep in mind to protect your home’s exterior when hanging items on engineered wood siding.

Following these steps will help ensure success in your mounting endeavors.

3 Steps to Hanging Items on Siding

Step 1: Use a Stud Finder

The first and most critical step to hanging things on siding is to check for studs. According to LP Construction Service Associate Isaac Ojeda, “Nailing directly to siding before checking the underlying structure is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make. Always ensure you are nailing to structural framing and not only to siding.” 

Step 2: Measure Twice, Nail Once 

Once you’ve found studs or other structurally sound framing to attach your items to, map out where the items will go before drilling or nailing. Marking your siding with chalk is a non-permanent, fool-proof way to reduce mistakes when it comes to hanging your items. Try not to drill too many holes,” says Ojeda. “Take your time measuring out the locations of holes you want to create and double-check your measurements before nailing or screwing.”

Step 3: Mount Your Items

When you feel confident in the projected placement of your items from both a structural and aesthetic standpoint, drill or nail into your siding. When doing so, be sure to choose the appropriate nail or screw size for the weight of your item. When you decide to remove decorations, screws or nails, make sure to seal and touch up any holes to help prevent moisture intrusion.

Hanging Items on Siding: FAQs

Is it okay to drill into siding?

Yes, if there is a stud or frame behind the siding, it is okay to drill into siding.

How much weight can you hang on siding?

The weight primarily depends on the size of the nail or screw you are using to hang your item. Vinyl hooks typically hold only up to 5 pounds. If you’re hanging heavier items, opt for metal hooks. 

Inspiration for Exterior Additions

A newly sided home is a great blank canvas with limitless potential, and when it comes to customizing your home’s exterior the options are endless. Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to strike inspiration. 


Do you have outdoor space? Mount hooks to your siding and add string lights to level up your atmosphere. If you’re looking for a more functional light source, mounting spotlights on your home’s exterior will increase visibility.

Seasonal Decor

Figuring out how to hang a wreath on siding can be tricky, but with the tips listed above you can achieve your holiday aesthetic without worrying about damage to your siding. Wreaths along with other holiday decor such as Christmas lights are a great way to get festive for the holiday season. Get inspired with our 2021 Holiday Decor Idea Guide.

Flower Box

Adding a flower box or planter to your windowsill is a simple way to bring some vibrancy to your home. If you decide to make this addition to your home, be sure to avoid over-watering so that mold or mildew doesn’t form along your siding.

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