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Soffit vs. Fascia: What’s the Difference?

Knowing the purpose and benefits of various trim options can be overwhelming when re-siding your home. Though you may not think to place soffit and fascia high on your priority list when it comes to home updates, they are crucial elements to a secure build and contribute to cohesive curb appeal. 

First things first: What’s the difference?

Soffit and fascia are installed in different locations than trim is, but like trim, are used to help protect the home. Soffit is the material that lines the underside of your roofing on an overhang and can be either vented to help air flow or closed to protect the interior.  Fascia is the forward-facing trim that lines the perimeter of the roof and is perpendicular to the soffit. Its primary purpose is protection of the roofing. Pairing soffit and fascia with LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, which is one of most durable siding solutions available, helps ensure a secure build.

Soffit: Why it's important 

When a roof extends beyond the walls of the home it creates an overhang, also known as an eave. The soffit lines the underside of the exposed roof and acts as a ventilator. For example, if your home has a front porch it is essentially the ceiling for that area. Ample ventilation is crucial to protecting your home from heat and moisture alike to prevent mold and rotting. LP SmartSide soffit, which is made with treated engineered wood, helps protect the home from extreme weather conditions, including moisture, wind gusts up to 200 mph, and hail damage on wood siding.

Types of soffit explained

Soffit can either be vented or closed depending on your home’s needs. Vented soffit promotes air flow and is a stylish alternative to metal vents. Some overhang areas, such as those that lead to your attic or are particularly large, may require vented soffit, while others are better suited for closed. LP SmartSide soffit comes in smooth and cedar textures to match other durable house siding materials, like  LP SmartSide lap siding, for a cohesive look.

Protect your home with fascia 

When you think of trim on a house you likely picture fascia, which is the external facing trim that fills the gap between where soffit and roofing end. It is a more visible trim material than soffit and is usually painted to complement different styles of house siding and add to the home’s curb appeal. Whereas other trim can be found surrounding window and doorways, fascia is exclusive to the roofing area and is used to provide surface area for gutters and drain pipes to attach to. 

Properly sealing your fascia helps secures your home from weather damage and pests, such as squirrels and bees. Using pre-primed outside corners is a great solution to ensuring fascia is properly sealed. One-piece corners can help eliminate the need for builders to build corners on the jobsite and help prevent water intrusion.

Using soffit and fascia to enhance curb appeal

In addition to being effective barriers against weather and critters, soffit and fascia can elevate the look of your home. Choosing house siding and trim color combinations can complement your home’s exterior. LP SmartSide soffit and fascia, as well as outside corners, come in 16 versatile ExpertFinish® colors to complete your home’s look. 

Since soffit covers the bottom of the eaves, many homeowners don’t think about its cosmetic appeal. However, on larger porch areas the soffit is visible and can transform the feel of your space. 

Fascia is more exposed than soffit and therefore plays a larger role in curb appeal. Choosing fascia that complements LP SmartSide prefinished siding colors and textures allows homeowners to execute their siding design ideas.

Have you thought about updating your soffit and fascia? Request a quote for your next project. 

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