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What Color Should You Paint Your Garage Doors?

When considering exterior remodeling ideas, homeowners often have difficulty deciding how to paint out their garage doors. This is a particularly important decision to make if the garage faces the road and is part of the overall view when facing the front of the home.

To Downplay or to Play Up?


Elkhorn – body, Squirrel Tail – garage doors // The Decorologist® Color Collection for LP

While there is no hard and fast rule for how and what to paint your garage doors, the color you choose will affect their prominence. There are a couple of reasons why you may want to tone down your garage doors.  One may be because they are not particularly attractive or updated.  If that’s the case, lessen their prominence by painting them out the same as the trim color so as not to draw undue attention to them.


Rembrandt Blue – body, Sugar Cube – trim and garage door // The Decorologist® Color Collection for LP 

A second reason to downplay the prominence of your garage doors may be because there are already several colors on the house. This can result in an overall choppy visual effect. In this case, you can paint the doors out the same as the body color of the house. Doing so can actually make your home appear larger. 

If you have nice garage doors that you want to show off, you may want to play them up. You can do this by painting them a dark color like a rich brown or charcoal. Just be sure that the color you choose is not a new color to the overall scheme – it should tie in with your roof and perhaps your shutters or trim. 


Copper Pot – siding, Bavarian – trim, door and garage door // The Decorologist® Color Collection for LP

You can also paint the garage doors out in an accent color. I chose to do just that on the paneled wood carriage-style doors shown below. If you do choose a bolder accent color, be sure to repeat that same color on the shutters and perhaps the front door.


Green Goblet – body, Garden Gnome – garage doors // The Decorologist® Color Collection for LP

I played up similar paneled garage doors (below) by painting them two colors – the lighter body color and the darker trim color. Painting them out in this manner really draws attention to their character and craftsmanship.  


Gray Garden – body, Chateau Green – trim, dormers // The Decorologist® Color Collection for LP

Never choose a garage door color that is not already a color in the overall scheme of your exterior. No matter how good looking your garage doors, you never want them to take precedence over your front door. In our next blog post, we’ll talk about choosing color for the important front door to your home. For more information about house siding options featuring LP® SmartSide® engineered wood products, visit

Note: All photos are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer regularly to for correct and up-to-date product installation instructions.

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