LP® SmartSide® Builder Spotlight: Jim Peterson, Rembrandt Exteriors, LLC

Builder Credits Unique Siding & Color Combination to His Beautiful Build

The Business

Jim Peterson, owner and operator of Rembrandt Exteriors LLC, brings his 25 years of industry experience to the Janesville, Wisconsin, area. With Southern Wisconsin’s extreme temperatures, he relies on building materials, like LP® SmartSide® siding products, that can weather the elements while providing a crisp, aesthetically pleasing look.

“LP SmartSide siding products help me stay on top of my game because of its ability to mix and match materials. Your imagination is really the only limitation.” — Jim Peterson

The Build

Out of nearly 300 entries, Peterson’s remodel with designer Brannon King landed as second runner-up in the “Show Us Your LP® SmartSide®” Contest. Peterson re-sided a mid-90s home using LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding and LP® SmartSide® Trim & Fascia with a stunning color combination to transform its exterior aesthetic—and it worked. Leaning into the recent trend of mixing darker siding colors with a lighter trim, Peterson says the house became a neighborhood sensation overnight.

 Peterson's winning "Show Us Your LP® SmartSide® submission.

The LP SmartSide Advantage

Using LP SmartSide siding products for over a decade, Peterson has found that they’re an unbeatable option. “If this product can stand up to Wisconsin’s high humidity in the summer and frigid temperatures in the winter, that’s an excellent example of its advanced durability,” says Peterson. “Because of this, I’ve seen homeowners gravitating toward LP SmartSide siding products more and more over the years, and I only expect this demand to keep growing.”

Before image of Peterson's "Show Us Your LP® SmartSide® remodel.