LP® SmartSide® Builder Spotlight: Joe Nitti, Nitti Development

Builder Uses LP® SmartSide® Siding Products for Improved Workability, Durability & Design

The Business

Nitti Development has been building upscale custom homes in the northwest suburbs of Chicago for many years. With a reputation for quality craftsmanship and innovative design Nitti Development quickly developed a diverse portfolio of projects, the most recent being the Berteau Development. This development is a neighborhood of 56 single-family modern homes with a timeless, classic aesthetic.

The Build

In planning, Nitti Development co-owner Joe Nitti identified two priorities for the Berteau Development—workability and design. Nitti chose LP® SmartSide® siding products as his building solution, having heard about their advanced durability and workability from other trusted builders. He also set out to differentiate the exteriors of the home with a variety of paint colors and workable trim and siding. Says Nitti, “I have a lot of color variations I can choose from and was able to achieve different architectural styles and elevations due to the durability of the LP SmartSide siding products.” In addition to the LP® SmartSide® Cedar Texture Shake Siding, Nitti used LP® SmartSide® Lap Siding, LP® SmartSide® Perfection Shingle and LP® SmartSide® Trim & Fascia to create a classic board and batten look.

 “Making the switch to LP SmartSide siding products was a really big deal. I had meetings with different companies, spent a lot of time looking at LP homes, and did in-house testing.” - Joe Nitti

The LP® SmartSide® Advantage

Nitti benefited from the workability of LP SmartSide siding products with time and labor savings. Comparing engineered wood siding products to competitive materials, he voiced his preference for LP. “Cutting is so much easier and cleaner,” he explains. “It’s lighter, so easier for the guys to lift, and it’s easier to touch up paint.” After his experience and his confidence in the building process, Nitti plans to use LP SmartSide siding products in future projects, saying, “They give an added value.”