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Rest easy. With LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier included in your design, you’ll offer your clients enhanced water resistance and increased energy efficiency—all in their beautiful new space.

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Keep Water Out and Energy In

LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier takes care of the basics by protecting what you design from the elements. Build with confidence knowing that it’ll hold up to tough conditions and provide structural integrity for years to come.

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The Importance Of Vapor Permeability In Building Envelopes

For weather-resistant barriers (WRBs), ASTM has developed rigorous tests for water resistance and water penetration, plus an air barrier assembly test. But an equally important test is ASTM E96, which measures water vapor permeability over a 24-hour period.

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WeatherLogic Struc I Wall and Roof Sheathing

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WeatherLogic Struc I Wall and Roof Sheathing
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