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How to Build Your Dream Home

Though the building industry is experiencing construction delays and some increased material costs, homeowners haven’t been deterred from exploring custom builds for dream homes. Even though the steps to building your dream home can be overwhelming, the finished product—in the end—makes the process more than worth it for many homeowners.

We consulted Liz Marie Galvan, interior designer and author of the Liz Marie Blog, for insights on custom homes. She also weighs in on how one of the most durable siding solutions on the market, LP® SmartSide® ExpertFinish® Trim & Siding, can be part of your dream home. Let’s start at the beginning—the finances.

How much money do I need to build my dream home?

Completing the financial steps to building a house can help you ensure your project is a success. Exact numbers required to achieve your dream home will vary, of course, but building a home is generally more expensive than buying an existing home. 

When you set out to build your dream home, start by setting a budget. What can you wisely afford to spend? Think both long-term and short-term—what do you want the home to include now and how can you think ahead so the home builds value?

Be sure to determine costs for all parts of the build, including house siding options and cost, which may take some research. However, making sure all steps are accounted for will pay off in the long run. If you need assistance, consulting with a contractor can help you get an accurate estimate of potential costs.

Ultimately, “you need to assess those items that are most important to your family and what is available to you in your current area,” Galvan recommends. “I am a true advocate that different seasons of life have different needs.”

Steps to Building Your Dream Home

  1. Make Your Wish List: The fun part about building a house step by step? Making it your own! You’ll get to decide everything from the floor plan to the kitchen fixtures and more. Assembling a list will help you during upcoming meetings with your contractor and builder. While now is the time to dream big, it’s also a good time to divide your list into “needs” and “wants.” For example, you may need to ensure the home has ample space for a home office, but you may want granite countertops if budget allows.
  2. Research Location: Building a new home involves choosing the perfect place to put down roots. Taxes, zoning, unique costs and other similar factors can impact the design and build process, so be sure to research adequately before locking in a location.
  3. Assemble Your Team: You’ll be spending a lot of time with your contractor, architect and builder over the next several months, so bringing together a great team is critical to the success—and your enjoyment—of the project. To find the best team ask for recommendations, research online, and be honest as you interview and meet with potential team members. Check out our helpful hiring a contractor checklist to get some tips.
  4. Establish Your Timeline & Budget: Setting your budget and sticking to it will alleviate many headaches along the way. Think through a realistic timeline for the steps in building a house and leave plenty of time for potential pivots and construction delays.
  5. Get Started: Once design plans are finalized and materials ordered, it’s time to get started. Remain available to communicate with your team and make decisions as you go. Above all, stay flexible and willing to adapt during the project. 

Adding One of the Most Durable Siding Options Available 

To finish your custom home, choosing siding and trim colors will be the ultimate way to convey your style. LP SmartSide ExpertFinish products allow you to side your home in popular siding colors while giving it a durable exterior. They’re also a great example of cost-effective siding with an industry-leading prorated limited warranty.

“With the chaos of our day-to-day, we need to look forward to coming home each day,” adds Galvan. “This can all start from the moment you pull into the driveway,” she says, and designing a beautiful exterior for your home can help make it an oasis you’ll love for years to come. 

Start designing now with the LP SmartSide Home Visualizer! Click here if you need ideas.

Not Ready to Build Your Dream Home?

If you’re not quite ready to begin a custom home project, remodeling your home’s exterior is a great way to make a change on a smaller remodeling budget. “It should be no surprise that a home’s exterior siding is the first thing we all see, and if you are looking at making some updates to your home it’s a great way to put your style on display for all to see,” says Galvan.

Galvan’s family recently updated their home’s siding with LP SmartSide ExpertFinish cedar texture lap siding in Snowscape White. “We chose this color and style to help bring back the 1800s farmhouse charm that was pulled out of the house over the years of remodels and updates,” she recalls. “With the updated siding we have also updated our exterior lights, doors and door hardware to give it exterior charm and better products to maintain great value.” 

Check out what LP SmartSide Trim & Siding could look like on your home with our siding visualizer tool, and download a worksheet to help you get started with the siding installation process here.

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