Building vs Buying A Shed: Which Is Better For You?

Both building and buying a shed have advantages. Size, style, cost and time are important considerations when deciding whether it’s better for you to build or buy your shed. Ultimately you want a shed that fits your unique needs and style, so let the experts at LP help you make an informed decision: should you build or buy your shed?

Weigh Your Shed Options & Choose the Path For You

Once you’ve decided you need a shed, the first thing to consider is whether you are going to buy a prefabricated shed or if you’re planning on purchasing materials to build one. Both building and buying a shed have their advantages, and deciding which option is better for you depends on your unique shed needs.

Should You Buy A Shed?

  • Time Savings: Instead of taking the time to build a shed, you will be able to focus on putting your shed to use with a pre-built. All you have to do is schedule the delivery and prepare the foundation.
  • No Tools Required: Not completely confident in your building skills? Buying a Shed provides the convenience of not having to build, deliver, or install the structure.
  • Professionals You Can Trust: Not quite sure which shed you want to buy? Buying a Shed provides you with trained professionals that you can rely on for guidance. They are available to answer common questions or help you with your customized needs.
  • Warranties: If there’s a defect or issue with the shed you bought, you have the LP Limited Product Warranty plus any additional warranties that might be offered by the shed company you purchased it from.

Should You Build A Shed?

  • Quality Control: Materials make all the difference in shed construction. Building a shed allows you to decide what exact materials you use and how they are installed.
  • Creative Liberties: If you’re looking for something unique, many shed builders manufacture creative custom builds. Building a custom shed allows for personal touches to fit your exact need.
  • Fits The Space: Looking for a non-standard size shed? A DIY shed build allows you to maximize your space and troubleshoot common delivery and installation concerns.
  • Satisfaction: Building your own shed allows you to customize even the smallest details of your shed to ensure a build that’s up to your standards.

Explore Design Options Using the Shed Visualizer

Before you decide on building or buying a shed, let us help you see what is possible. Our visualizer tool allows you to experiment with different looks for your shed, barn or other outdoor structures.

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