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AFT Construction Podcast: Neil Freidberg and Brad Leavitt Talk Resiliency

No matter how many years in the industry you have under your belt, there’s always more to learn. Emerging construction industry podcasts make sharpening your skills and expanding your industry knowledge easier than ever. Podcast host Brad Leavitt of AFT Construction hosted LP on a recent episode that explores the topic of resilient building.

Leavitt is a construction professional, LP partner and the host of the “A Finer Touch Construction” Podcast, a platform where he facilitates insightful, candid discussions around the diverse world of business and entrepreneurship in the building science space.

Recently, LP Building Science Manager for OSB Technology Neil Freidberg sat down with Leavitt to discuss the importance of building science and share his knowledge of resilient building methods and materials from the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio. Check out a snippet of their conversation.

The episode explores the often-overlooked considerations around sustainable building, importance of resources such as IECC climate maps, and design impacts. “We need to look at how to make these buildings resilient,” Freidberg says. He also emphasizes flexibility. When it comes to building practices that builders have used over and over, “that way may not work in other areas of even the same city,” he says, due to climate considerations.

Curious how LP Structural Solutions products work together to offer resilient solutions and efficiencies? Listen to the full episode here. 

We also partnered with Leavitt at IBS to do a live podcast recording. Check out the episode with LP influencer and builder Kyle Stumpenhorst here.

New episodes of the AFT Construction Podcast air every Sunday at 1 p.m. (CT). 


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