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Building Better for Your Business: Construction Efficiency with LP® Structural Solutions

As a builder, you know building better means more than just creating high-quality, resilient homes. It also means finding ways to streamline processes to improve construction efficiency. Choosing the LP® Structural Solutions portfolio can help. 

Not only is the product portfolio proven to stand up to the elements, but it’s also engineered to install faster and easier while reducing the materials needed on the jobsite—which all adds up to a more efficient construction process. Let’s explore ways the LP Structural Solutions portfolio can help you work more efficiently. 

Construction Efficiency with LP Structural Solutions

“The LP Structural Solutions portfolio helps improve cost-efficient construction in two ways—by helping reduce labor and time needed on the jobsite and by reducing the overall materials needed on the jobsite,” says Casey Smyth, LP Structural Solutions brand manager. 

“Our LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier is a great example of how one product helps improve construction efficiency both ways,” says Smyth. “It can eliminate the need to go around the house a second time to wrap it.”

builder with nail gun installing lp weatherlogic sheathing

Product efficiency is increased even more on houses with two and three stories because framing crews spend less time climbing up and down scaffolding for multiple trips around the house.

Products that help you maintain timelines offer great cost-efficient construction. “LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring is so resilient—it can withstand wet conditions or even frozen conditions without major impact to the product,” says Smyth. “Made with Gorilla Glue Technology®, LP Legacy sub-floor offers exceptional resistance to moisture and edge swell to help avoid the loss in time of sanding panel edges.”

lp legacy boards installed with moisture on top

Less Waste for Greater Construction Efficiency with LP Structural Solutions

How much time is spent examining each piece of material for warping or inconsistencies? 

All LP Structural Solutions products are made from OSB, which is designed for workability and consistent strength. The LP Structural Solutions portfolio goes beyond what traditional OSB provides by combining with other materials to help protect your build. This means that you’ll likely have less waste to throw in the dumpster and more of the product to use in the build. 

LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated Sheathing is another example of using fewer materials for greater construction efficiency. 

“LP FlameBlock sheathing combines flame-spread and burn-through resistance to help meet code requirements,” says Smyth. “These fire-resistant assemblies promote cost-efficient construction because they may use fewer materials compared to other assemblies.”

lp flameblock fire-rated sheathing installed

Smyth explains that LP NovaCore Thermal Insulated Sheathing is another product that, when used properly, can increase the thermal resistance of the exterior walls.

Additional Cost-Efficient Construction Advantages

Another benefit of LP Structural Solutions is that the materials basically install just like traditional OSB. 

“No single product requires special skills. There’s no need to stop your trades to wait for a dedicated crew to come in,” says Smyth. “Generally speaking, the framing crew can install the LP Structural Solutions products.” 

Interested in learning more about the LP Structural Solutions portfolio? Explore our efficient construction solutions here.

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