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While avoiding extreme weather’s damaging effects is impossible, it is possible to reduce your overall risk with proper assessment and preparation. To help builders do just that, LP Building Solutions is partnering with the nonprofit climate research and technology company First Street Foundation®. We spoke with Casey Smyth, brand manager for LP Structural Solutions, about the foundation’s valuable tool, Risk Factor®.
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How LP Structural Solutions Products Protect a Home Investment

Fixtures, finishes, curb appeal—this is what homeowners care about most, right? At face value it may seem that way, but when you’ve investe…

Sustainability Solutions

9 min
Innovating Carbon-Negative Building Materials for Sustainable Construction

As the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly homes continues to rise, builders are actively seeking innovative building solut…

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How to Talk to Homeowners About Radiant Barrier Sheathing

For homeowners, the gut feeling that a home is truly energy efficient becomes a reality when they open their gas and electric bills at the …

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What are the Top Questions from Home Builders?

In their work to improve continually, builders are often looking for advice on common builder roadblocks. We caught up with a few experts a…

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Building Better for Your Business: Construction Efficiency with LP® Structural Solutions

As a builder, you know building better means more than just creating high-quality, resilient homes. It also means finding ways to streamlin…

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How Energy-Efficient Radiant Barriers Reduce Energy Consumption in Green Building

Green building is a hot topic. As more homeowners expect their homes to run as energy efficiently as possible, many builders are turning to…

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How to Use Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing: Advice From the Pros

Building to code is critical—and though it may feel like a daunting task that eats away at time, it’s what may protect your structure and, …

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How to Protect Your Sub-Floor From Moisture: How RainChannel® Technology Works

As a builder, moisture is always a top concern once the sub-flooring goes down. The time when the structure is fully enclosed varies wildly…

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Design a Home with LP® TopNotch® 350 Durable Sub-Flooring

Neil Freidberg, Building Science Manager at LP, has been a leader in building science for more than a decade. His expertise in the field pr…

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LP WeatherLogic® Moisture Management System vs. Housewrap & Commodity OSB

When it comes to moisture management in construction, many builders default to the traditional system of using commodity OSB sheathing and …

Industry Trends5 min
Why Uniform Thickness Matters for Your Sub-Floor

When it comes to sub-flooring, you likely have a mental checklist of standards. Knowing how your products work to solve your customers’ nee…

Industry Trends8 min
Insulated Sheathing and Your HVAC: How the Two Work Together

When choosing an HVAC unit for a new construction home, “bigger” is not necessarily better. Insulation and HVAC are two systems that need t…