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What are the Top Questions from Home Builders?

In their work to improve continually, builders are often looking for advice on common builder roadblocks. We caught up with a few experts at LP to learn some of the frequently asked questions from custom home builders and practical solutions builders can rely on.

Can I Use This Product? And Does It Meet Code?

As the Construction Service Manager at LP Building Solutions, Scott Johnson’s primary role is answering technical questions from building professionals, architects and the LP sales team. 

“My work is all over the board, but I’m here to be a resource and help solve problems,” says Johnson. “It’s good to connect the dots for people.” 

Many of the roadblocks Johnson helps remove for customers are the highly technical questions regarding which product to use to meet code. For example, he often works with architects to determine the LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated Sheathing assemblies that can help them meet project requirements while retaining design flexibility.

“I really like it when a customer asks, ‘Can we use this here?’ These customers often spur good ideas that we use for new design applications and assemblies,” he says.

Johnson explains that many customers don’t know they can contact LP Building Solutions for design and product recommendations and talk through their biggest roadblocks. It’s likely the experts have seen the problem elsewhere and can discuss potential solutions. 

You’ve likely met Neil Freidberg, Building Science Manager at LP Building Solutions, at your jobsite or in the airport. Like a lot of people at LP, he travels frequently. 

Freidberg explains the “why” behind product selections and can help you understand that every aspect of room and building design has a direct or indirect impact on one another, from the choice of building materials to environmental factors. 

With the introduction of LP NovaCore Thermal Insulated Sheathing, Freidberg is fielding questions from builders from different areas of the country who have new options for insulating 2x4 wall assemblies over a 2x6 wall.

builders installing lp novacore thermal insulating sheathing panels

Top Installation Questions from Home Builders

“How Is This Installed?”

Q: Which way does the Pyrotite® coating face on LP’s UL wall assemblies that utilize 1-sided LP FlameBlock Fire-Rated Sheathing?

A: All UL wall assemblies with 1-sided LP FlameBlock sheathing allow the coating to face against or away from the stud framing.

“Can I Install This Product Here?”

Q: I want to add extra insulation in the attic. Can I use spray foam against LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier?

A: No, you may not use spray foam on LP TechShield panels. If you want to integrate a system where you use SPF and LP TechShield Radiant Barrier, we recommend installing a baffle from the vented soffit to the vented ridge. Then you can apply SPF against the baffle itself and not the LP TechShield panels. 

Q: Can I use LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier or LP TechShield Radiant Barrier in multifamily or commercial construction? 

A: Depending on the types of commercial construction, LP TechShield Radiant Barrier and LP WeatherLogic Air & Water Barrier can be installed anywhere OSB/plywood can be used. Install LP TechShield panels on the roof and LP WeatherLogic WRB on the walls and roof. 

lp techshield and lp weatherlogic exposed panels during installation

“Can You Give Me Any Tips and Tricks?”

Q: If the budget doesn’t allow LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring to be installed throughout the entire house and you’re being strategic about installing it only in the kitchen and primary living areas, do your clients a favor and install it in the entryway. That way, when heavy building materials, furniture and appliances are being delivered, there will be fewer issues as the stiffer LP Legacy sub-flooring is better able to handle the heavy weight. 

A: Another budget tip: Mix and match the LP WeatherLogic® Seam & Flashing Tape and LP WeatherLogic® Seam & Flashing Sealant. Use the tape on all panel joints (seams) and the sealant around the windows, doors and penetrations. 

“Where Can I Get More Information?”

Q: Is there a resource that can help select a proper fire-resistance-rated wall assembly?

A: Yes, the LP website illustrates the LP FlameBlock assemblies that are available and take into consideration the construction type, stud type and required resistance.

Q: My project has some uncommon requirements and I need to talk with someone.

A: Call your LP Building Solutions expert at 615-610-1540.

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