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Craig Miles on the Resilience of Structural Solutions Building Materials

The durability of building materials and components is steadily evolving over time as more attention is focused on the strength of building materials and resilience in construction. The LP Structural Solutions portfolio helps contribute to the structural integrity and durability of homes. We talked with Craig Miles, Director of OSB Sales & Marketing at LP Building Solutions, to learn industry insights, where the LP Structural Solutions portfolio is going, and construction trends and opportunities for the future.

What do resilient building materials and resilience in buildings mean?

“Resilience in construction means different things to different people because nature’s threats are geographically specific. Phoenix has high heat, whereas Texas has high heat and strong winds. Florida and the Carolinas have moisture-rich humidity and salt. The Plains and Midwest have storms and straight-line winds, while the north has below-freezing temperatures.

“Resiliency in building materials gives you a more predictable series of outcomes as well as the ability to withstand weather and other external threats. To guard against the hot, beating sun, LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier helps your air conditioning to be more effective and help lower your energy costs to a more predictable level. LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier reduces surprises of moisture intrusion. LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring also guards against moisture threats while adding floor strength. LP WeatherLogic® WRB is APA Structural I Rated to help create robust, strong walls in areas prone to severe wind storms or seismic activity.”

LP WeatherLogic

What do you see as the biggest emerging resilience trends? How can the LP Structural Solutions portfolio fill those needs?

“In a recent article, we discussed how data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) indicated that 2020 had 20 severe weather events each resulting in damage over one billion dollars. Considering the 1980s had an average number of 1.6 severe weather events per year, it is clear that devastating weather events are much more common. 

“We can’t build tornado- or hurricane-proof homes. But with the LP Structural Solutions portfolio, we can build homes that can help mitigate the radius of damage from the core of the storm. This means that severe damage is often found radiating out from the actual path of the as one mile or more. With disaster-resilient building materials we can limit severe damage to a smaller radius, improving the resiliency of our homes. Look how much you save from building better the first time. Used together, the LP Structural Solutions portfolio affects everyone positively. 

“LP’s vision is of Building a Better World with better predictability and resiliency to enhance your family’s emotional and financial investment.”

What do you mean by adding better predictability to our homes?

“Homes are unpredictable. With no warning the roof leaks, the stove quits, or the air conditioning breaks down. And we accept it. If our cars were as unpredictable as our homes, we would never buy that brand again!

“Predictability gives you a greater sense of the outcome. For example, using resilient building materials like LP TechShield Radiant Barrier helps kick down the energy bill so it’s more predictable. Building with durable building materials and components from the LP Structural Solutions portfolio increases overall structural strength to stand stronger in storm events, giving you a more predictable outcome.”

What is one of the greatest developments in the construction industry that has made the greatest impact in resiliency?

“I believe radiant barrier sheathing has made the biggest impact with its innovations. LP TechShield Radiant Barrier has made a huge impact on the performance of a home, especially in warm weather environments––it’s now our second biggest category. LP TechShield panels increase a home’s energy efficiency with less demand on the electrical grid. It’s also the first step in building an environmentally friendly home.

“Builders and contractors are particularly impressed with LP TechShield Radiant Barrier because it installs like sheathing, so there are no crew changes and no retraining. Just keep the foil side down.”

LP TechShield

What do you see for the LP Structural Solutions portfolio in the future?

“Most homeowners and small businesses are at the whim of energy costs. We are working on innovations to add insulation into wall cavities to make your home more energy efficient so your HVAC system doesn’t work as hard, ultimately reducing your home’s energy consumption.

“We are also working with builders on expanding their knowledge of the science behind disaster-resilient building materials. When builders hear ‘resiliency,’ they often think big dollar aftermarket projects. We want to show builders that making smaller, impactful changes––from the beginning of the build––can significantly improve resiliency.”

Now for a couple fun questions. What is your favorite time of the day? In the office or in the field?

“My 7:30 a.m. meeting with my team. I love hearing the stories, what the market was doing yesterday, and how they are overcoming challenges.”

If you were building your own home today, would you be a model customer or a finicky one?

“Definitely finicky. I know just enough to be a pain.”

Learn how LP Building Solutions is part of the ever-expanding future of green homebuilding.

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